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Travel for Ethical Fashion in Nashville

There are many ethical fashion brands that call Nashville home - The Southern city has a lot to offer, but it’s budding conscious fashion community is one to keep watch on. Check out the post for shop recommendations as well as food and neighborhood hopping.

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What You Need to Know About Fashion Revolution Week

Fashion Revolution Week takes place this year from April 23 - 29th and is different from the traditional fashion weeks that are based in NYC or locally in your own city. The FR Week is a global campaign that is run by the UK based, non-profit organization, Fashion Revolution, to highlight the issues within the fashion industry that we know today.

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The Best Ted Talks for Ethical Fashion

From the many smart, talented and dedicated humans that have committed their lives to shed light on sustainability, ethics and responsible style - here are 3 videos from 3 influential women who have taken the time to research, present and work towards promoting ethical fashion education. 

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