Responsible Feature : Pamut Apparel

Based out of North Carolina, Pamut Apparel is a clothing brand focused on responsibly made garments for the everyday woman through intentional, staple and flattering designs. I have been able to follow along with the brand’s story and handcrafted pieces through social media and have come to love the design and thought that goes into each piece for the woman who wears it. Each item is handmade with responsibly sourced organic cotton - where those involved in the process have fair wages and safe working conditions - important factors that many like Pamut are working towards standardizing through their brands and conversations. These factors have helped shape the brands mission to value the creation aspect as well as the finished product to provide all of us an ethical garment to last for years to come.

Check out the interview with Pamut founder, Kat and how she was inspired to start the brand.

How did you start Pamut?

I started Pamut when I moved to Budapest, Hungary. I moved over there on a whim (because I really wanted to live in Europe!), and once I arrived, I realized that I needed some type of employment in order to stay. I thought, what better way to make a living than starting my own clothing company. So I went to the visa office and applied for a self employment visa to start my business. I began by sewing simple, one sized cotton tees with an eco friendly print, and it just expanded from there.  

What does ethical and sustainable fashion mean to you? 

I believe that there are two parts to a garment having a sustainable lifecycle: the way it is produced and the way it is consumed. To produce a garment ethically/sustainably is to be conscious of who is making the clothes and ensuring that they are working in a healthy environment. It also means minimizing waste and choosing a low impact fabric. The second part to sustainable fashion is how the garment is utilized my the consumer. A sustainable garment is one that is treasured and worn over and over, not one that is worn once and then sent to a landfill.

What is your selection process and significance of the fabrics you use?

The name “Pamut” means cotton in Hungarian, so I’ll always stay true to the brand’s roots in that I use mainly GOTS certified organic cotton (although I also mix in linen, silk, and hemp). I love natural fibers for their breathability and quality. Cotton is my favorite because it is just so easy to care for!

What advice would you give someone working towards shopping responsible brands?

Do your research. Sustainability has become somewhat of a buzzword, and it is so easy for a brand to say that they are sustainable without truly practicing sustainability. If a brand isn’t forthcoming about where they produce their clothes (specifically, by naming the facilities or people that they work with), then I’m skeptical.

What’s one thing you’d like people to know about Pamut? 

I want Pamut to be accessible to the majority of Americans. I was speaking with the manager of Opportunity Threads, a factory I work with, and we agreed that the people who sew our garments should be able to afford them. That’s why I have a wide range of price points. At $32-$40, the tees are accessible and wearable. The more expensive woven tops, dresses, and pants are my passion projects where I can really explore silhouette and craft.

What can we expect from you next?

A line of Pamut baby clothing is currently in the works! I find that women are often drawn to sustainable and organic fashion when they have their first baby. They want their baby to be wearing pesticide free organic clothing and then they think, why don’t I dress with the same awareness? I’m so excited to see moms and babies both wearing Pamut!

I had the opportunity to try out the two tops featured within this post and have loved adding them to my wardrobe as comfortable, neutral pieces. Check out a bit of details and how you can pair them to your wardrobe!

Hanna Top - Shadow with Square Print ($120) - What I love about this beautiful short sleeve top is that the block print you see creates a unique design to each piece. The top is versatile to be worn as a vneck or a crewneck and with the boxier fit, this piece is transitional to wear with denim, over a turtleneck or shorts in the warmer season.

Jonie Sweatshirt ($86) - Created to mirror a classic sweatshirt, this piece is a well structured pullover for all seasons. The long sleeve top is flattering for a loose, comfortable fit to be paired with denim or skirts for all occasions. I love the attention to detail within this garment as well as the organic cotton fabric being extremely comfortable and breathable.

Hope you enjoy getting to know a new responsible brand and their hard work within the growing, sustainable industry! Follow along with Pamut on Instagram.