Introducing the new brand directory featuring a list of a few hundred ethical, sustainable and fair trade brands that exist in the fashion industry. You'll find clothing, accessories, shoe, beauty and home brands listed below.

Brand Spotlights

In addition the curated Brand List, every month The Good Wear will highlight several brands from the directory list below that do good with their products. This select spotlight is designed to help you get to know existing brands and narrow down your search for ethical products to buy for your wardrobe. Bonus? You get to know the mission and the hard working people behind the sustainable and responsible products.

Ethical and sustainably made shoes are often handmade, intentionally crafted and designed with recycled + responsibly sourced materials. Brands pay their workers fair wages and provide safe and healthy working conditions. Because of this, many of the brands below offer shoes that are higher in price as investment pieces for your wardrobe - ensuring these will be long lasting, staples to wear for years to come for all your memorable days and events.

NISOLO - One of my personal favorites, Nisolo creates beautiful, long lasting, handmade leather shoes with artisan partnerships in neutral color for your wardrobe like browns and blacks.

COCLICO - A brand of beautiful, investment shoes for dressing up your outfits to work or play - Coclico sells handmade, neutral shoes with wood blocked heels.

BY FAR SHOES - Another brand for investment, fashionable shoes, this company offers colorful crafted heels and sandals - perfect for events or work. They are definitely on my wish list!

GOOD GUYS - I admire this brand (along with Emma Watson) because they create vegan shoes for casual, every day wear. You'll find sneakers, flats and boots.

OLIBERTE - This sustainable brand is empowering it's working partners in Africa and produce neutral, high quality boots and every day shoes from responsibly sourced materials. 

ALLBIRDS - Soft sneakers and slip on shoes for men and women that are sustainably made from wool and recycled materials.

RED WING HERITAGE - A great brand for men and women's high quality boots. Transparent, hand crafted and long lasting materials.

VEJA - The perfect spot to purchase ethically made every day sneakers for men and women. All shoes are made with recycled materials and/or responsibly sourced materials.

CHILOTE - Comfy, ethically made slippers that are hand woven by artisans.

*Other brands and online-shops to check out responsibly made shoes - Garmentory, Need Supply, Amour Vert, Everlane and ABLE


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