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4 Tips Towards a Mindful Wardrobe

There are countless ways we are mindful in our day to day life - why shouldn’t our wardrobes be one of them? Here is a quick read on how we can link a few mindful practices to planning out our wardrobes as we transition into new seasons.

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End of Summer Favorites Featuring Artisan and Fox

Artisan and Fox is a brand favorite for ethical and sustainably made goods from specialized artisans around the world - items like jewelry, bags and hats that can be easily added to your daily and seasonal wardrobe. The brand also specializes in raising awareness on artisan work and ethics within the handmade goods industry.

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What You Need to Know About Fashion Revolution Week

Fashion Revolution Week takes place this year from April 23 - 29th and is different from the traditional fashion weeks that are based in NYC or locally in your own city. The FR Week is a global campaign that is run by the UK based, non-profit organization, Fashion Revolution, to highlight the issues within the fashion industry that we know today.

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