The Best Ted Talks for Ethical Fashion


I love getting to speak and shed light on about ethical fashion. But I'm still just a beginner in getting into the technical facts, verbiage and actions that can be taken to cure this global fashion movement + revelations. There are so many smart, talented and dedicated humans that have committed their lives to shed light on sustainability, ethics and responsible style. Below are 3 videos from 3 influential women who have taken the time to research, present and work towards promoting ethical fashion education. 

The Wardrobe to Die for // Lucy Siegle

WHO: Lucy Siegle is an author and journalist focusing on environmental issues around the globe. She is the executive producer of The Trust Cost movie.

WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: With Siegle's __ _minute talk - you'll hear how our shopping, purchasing and wardrobe decisions impact the environment through consumption and waste. You'll hear details about why changes in the fashion industry can help make a difference to better our world and simple steps on how we can make changes in our lives.

TAKEAWAY: "When purchasing an item, can you guarantee you will wear it at least more than 30 times?"


How to Engage with Ethical Fashion // Clara Vuletich

WHO: Clara Vuletich is a sustainability strategist and designer focusing on the fashion and textile industry who has worked on implementing sustainable practices in large companies like H&M, VF Corporation and other global companies.

WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: An inspiring and informative overview of the ethical fashion industry - Vuletich provides an understanding of this industry in a way that is relatable and effective. You'll learn about garment life cycles, fibers in the clothes we wear daily, values that the fashion industry needs to pay attention to and that it's up to me + you to make small changes to impact the bigger picture!

TAKEAWAY: "We all wear clothes, even if we're not necessarily lovers of fashion... we all wear clothes and we are all connected and responsible for this transition into this flourishing fashion industry."


You are what you wear // Christina Dean

WHO: Christina Dean is the author of "Redress" turned non-profit "working to reduce waste in the textile industry"

WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: Dean shares educated facts, examples and opinions on the impact of fast fashion on our world - both on our societies and the environment. You'll be left with 3 practical steps to implement better fashion consumer habits in your life!

TAKEAWAY: In an analysis of the pollution we produce in our lifestyle, 58% is controlled by consumers (me + you) which means we have the power and control to make a change!