Brands to know (and what to buy)

Over the past few years, social media has helped me find dozens of companies that are focused on ethical and responsible product - which is how this brand list came about below.

So, here are the first few recommendations for brands to know and product to add to your closet. Each company is doing amazing things in their communities that make them stand out as affordable, transparent and style-forward. And for all six featured, I would consider myself a brand loyalist and can gush over each company.


ABLE - This Nashville based brand is one of my favorites. Their sleek style, affordable accessories, and mission make them a must-know. FashionABLE was started a few years ago to empower those in their community by providing jobs to those in need rather than a charity model of business. Many of the women who are employed for the company have overcome significant challenges in their lives and are working to break cycles of poverty. 

Try: The Aster Scarf and every ring they sell.

EVERLANE - You can't go wrong with any purchase from here. Everlane is one of the first factory-based companies to focus on transparency as an online retailer. Seriously, they go above and beyond to make sure you know where your clothes are made, at what price, and what impact. For each of their products, they list exactly what the product cost to make and details about the factories they manufacture in (check it out here). Everlane is releasing a ton of new styles and are extremely affordable for the amazing quality you'll receive.

Try out The Modern LoaferThe Tote and any of their tees.

NOONDAY COLLECTION - One of the leading jewelry brands in the ethical fashion industry, Noonday Collection has brought community innovation into their company as well as high quality, fair-trade certified, accessories made by artisans around the world. This company has implemented ambassadors and trunk shows to continue to spread their story.  And many of the accessories they sell are made from recycled material found in the countries they support like Ethiopia, Uganda, Haiti and Ecuador.

NISOLO - Another Nashville- based favorite. I admire Nisolo for their minimalist look and high quality products. Starting off perfecting the leather shoe, the company now sells accessories like bags bags and jewelry. Nisolo started focusing on ethically made products by owning their own shoe factory in Peru and paying fair wages to all of their employees; While also working closely and transforming working production in factories located in Mexico and Kenya.

Check out :  try out any of their handmade shoes.

VEJA - This brand is a new favorite and may be popping up on The Good Wear's Instagram soon. Veja HQ is based in France but are becoming globally known for their sneakers that are made of recycled material in Brazil. They offer styles with laces AND velcro (reminiscent of shoes as a kid).

Try: The V-10 or something basic like the TAUA (yep, it's vegan)

31 BITS - One of the first brands I came across and still one of my favorites. Based in California and Uganda, 31 Bits employs artisans in Uganda to create paper beaded necklaces that are then sold online and in local shops across the United States. They fully employ women to help transform their communities in Uganda AND create scholarships for them to go to school. Basically, your purchase helps sustain life for families thousands of miles away. I'm always proud to wear one of my 31 Bits necklaces! 

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