Restyle It - Pops of Color

In the past few months, I've attempted to cut down my closet to a more minimalist wardrobe. The 10x10 Spring Challenge definitely helped me realize how little clothes you need (and how little people notice repeated outfits). But as much as I lean towards purchasing clothes in blacks, grays, navy's and whites, I still can't help but include brighter colors somewhere in there. Plus, my skin tone (pale) screams a need for some color... especially in the summer time! 

The second July 'Restyle It' series, features the color pop in your outfits. For me, color makes life a bit more fun and your clothes should be no different. They should make you feel fun, confident and ready to take on the day or night - no matter how minimalist your daily closet may be on the regular! Check out this pop of color outfit and some recommendations on how to style and where to get responsible, colorful, pieces.


Everlane - for a versatile dress option, try The Clean Cotton Vneck Dress ($) 

Reformation - dress options for day and night, try the Oyster Dress ($$) or the
Carina Dress ($$$)

Thread Co - a more neutral pop of color, try The Keyhole Top ($)

Pyne and Smith Clothiers - for a patterned look, try The Check Button Up Dress ($$)

Bliss and Mischief - for pant alternative, try the Collector Fit in Cherry ($$$)

Poppy Barley - bright red shoes in multiple styles, try The Peep Toe Mule in Fire Red Nubuck ($$$) *one of my current favorites based in Canada + on sale!

Anchal Project - dozens of ethically produced accessories, try an Anchal scarf ($)

FashionABLE - for a small pop of color at your feet, try the Tatiana Loafer ($$)

31 Bits - for those more comfortable with color in their accessories, try the Hana Bangles ($)

Another easy place to find pops of color? Shopping second hand, consignment and vintage stores in your area! 


- Bright tops and bottoms are easy to find and easy to pair with neutral colors already in your closet
- Check out a local consignment or vintage store for fun, colorful patterns (If you're in RVA, Clementine always holds brightly colored items)
- Pops of color can be more simple... add a colorful accessory like a silk scarf (as seen here) to wear around the neck, hair or tied to your bag!
- And to bring color into the cooler seasons? Pair with neutral sweaters, boots, and heavier scarves!