Responsible Style Instagram Accounts to Follow

Over the past few months, I've stumbled upon some incredible ethical brands and responsible style bloggers who have pursued unique ways to share stories + advice on how to be a responsible and sustainable consumer. There are dozens to share (and I hope to continue to tell you all of them), but here are a few Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration in shopping better and smarter. Or just style inspiration to reuse those pieces in your closet!

Check these out and follow along with their stories...

@matterprints - Matter Prints is an unique brand that sells artisan printed textiles. I am constantly inspired by their bold prints and colors that can add a very special piece to your wardrobe. But their account is not just about the clothing - Matter Prints' Instagram is constantly highlighting others in the industry who are using their influence and passion to make an impact.

@atleastblog - I came across Lisa's account a few months ago during the Spring 10x10 challenge that she was also participating in. I love her simple and classic style but willingness to switch up her fair fashion pieces in fun and unique ways! This is a perfect account to follow for attainable style inspiration! 

@thethoughtfulcloset - I'm a little obsessed with the outfits that Allison of The Thoughtful Closet features here. This account is focused primarily on a capsule wardrobe (the focus that our closet should be less than more). She uses beautiful and responsible pieces to complete her outfits and raise awareness about being a more mindful person and consumer. If you're interested in finding more ideas to make a capsule wardrobe more practical, this is a great account for you!

@shopimby - Another capsule wardrobe inspiration account, but this time an actual brand! Shop Imby creates styles that can be added to your closet as timeless staples paired with your traditional items like denim, boots, and basic tops. Shop Imby was started by Sara Weinreb because of her personal desire for less as more in what we wear on a daily basis. The brand takes deep care of quality, trends (in a good way), customers and advocacy for fair fashion! Follow along with their account to continue to hear and see their story's journey.

@richhoneyapparel - If you're interested in finding more details about the manufacturing and production side of the fair fashion industry, this account is for you! Following along with the independent manufacturer will give you behind-the-scenes views into what goes into making the clothes they create. Lots of color, fabric, and responsible style advice found here!

@thekindguide - An awesome resource guide, similar to The Good Wear, that is highlighting ethical and sustainable brands. They have beautiful + curated images to keep you in the know about what brands are creating what and how people are impacting this side of the fashion industry.

@leevosburgh - Last, but not least, Lee from Style Bee is a must follow blog for those interested in simple and classic responsible style inspiration. Lee began the 10x10 challenges a few years ago and continues to influence the community to create amazing outfits for all occasions. Her posts are sleek, informative and eye-catching! She started out as a regular style blogger but turned to ethical + sustainable fashion after discovering the impacts of the fashion industry. Her account is one I am constantly inspired by the simple ways she can challenge our thoughts on our wardrobe!

Are you following other responsible brands or influencers on Instagram? Let #thegoodwearblog community know by commenting below!