The Style Challenge Prep

Kicking off the Spring season in a big way with The Good Wear's first style challenge! Starting this Monday, I'm looking forward to trying out new ways to rewear what's already in my wardrobe.

Personally, I have not had a curated capsule closet nor have I participated in style challenges in the past - so this is new and exciting for me too. I've spent some time thinking through the pieces I like in my closet and choosing items that can be versatile for the 10 days of outfits.

The overall rules of the challenge are casual + simple, but include choosing 10 items of clothing including shoes, to pair together for 10 outfits over the 10 day period. You can mix things up by adding accessories. Many of my 10 chosen pieces are second-hand or older purchases from several years ago. There are responsible pieces mixed in, but the prep for the challenge has helped highlight staple pieces I want to invest in (a plain white button down blouse or black sandals). 

Here are the 10 items + accessories that I'll be pairing for 10 days.

Clothing: Black jumper, green vest, Everlane white long sleeve,
black + white striped tee, button down chambray blouse, pair of denim
black pencil skirt
Shoes: Veja sneakers. second-hand mules, leather booties

Four scarves, hat, leather belt, woven bag,
31 bits necklace, gold earrings, bracelet, 2 jackets

- Choose items you feel confident in
- Pick items that can be layered
- Opt for neutral colors : this helps pairing different pieces + layering accessories on top
- Choose a staple item that can be paired well with almost every other piece (for me, this is the black jumper)
- Choose at least 2 pairs of shoes
- Check the weather and make sure your picking pieces that work for morning + afternoon temperatures (jackets can be extra items for Spring!)
- Have fun with it! Add a colorful scarf for something extra

- Rewear pieces already in the closet in fun + creative ways
- Help take a break from shopping
- Help narrow down items that you don't need or want to repurpose
- Create a responsible + personal style
- Create staple outfits for work or daily activities
- Take a step towards a curated + minimal wardrobe

The style challenge is perfect for those who want to test any of the above purposes. I've spoken to those who are excited to participate because they want a minimal style, but not sure where to start. Or those taking a break from shopping. Even the creator of the 10x10 style challenge, Lee of Style Bee, started during a shopping fast. With just 10 days, it's a perfect way to try a new, responsible style out!

- Have fun with it! The goal of this challenge is to explore and not take our wardrobes too seriously. Test what you have and if you need to add 11 items... do it.
- Piece together that you feel CONFIDENT in. Don't waste those 10 items on something trendy when you don't love it!
- Document it! Take photos of your prep, 10 items, and outfits over the next 2 weeks. Make sure to tag #Spring10x10 and #thegoodwearblog if you post on Instagram!

Have other ideas for prep or questions about the style challenge? Leave a comment below!