Restyle It - The Skirt

The social norm of today is to buy new, and in large quantities, every season to keep up with the trends. And although, it's not bad to add items to our wardrobes, we should take a little bit of extra time (and research) to place purchases that will last and can be versatile.

Restyling what we already own is a huge step towards your own responsible style. Especially when it's not possible to repurchase a full wardrobe - and you definitely shouldn't! In January of this year, I committed to only purchasing second hand (consignment, vintage) or items from brands who are transparent about their supply chain. I've purchased several new items this year, but most of the clothing + accessories I wear on a daily basis are old pieces purchased in the past. With this mindset and slight change in shopping habits, it's possible to treat your closet as new rather than old. 


The Restyle Series came after searching through my closet for outfits that can be versatile and cool in the summer heat. But they had to be with pieces that can be transformed in multiple seasons and swapped out with pieces already in your closet. 

The skirt featured here is one of my favorites to discover new looks with. It was found in Nashville earlier this year at The Pony Show vintage store. The midi-length is perfect to dress up or down and the neutral color helps to match with a variety of tops, shoes and accessories. For this look, a simple tank top either tucked in or knotted is a great day time look. But what I love about a staple, good quality skirt, is that it can be matched with a variety of tops in all seasons!


- Change up the look of your skirt with a variety of tops. The easiest way? Knotting your shirt over your skirt for a fun + updated look!
Tip : the easiest way to knot your shirt is to pull at the front fabric at the bottom or side of the top... wherever seems to be the most excess. Pull the excess fabric straight out forward and use your pointer finger to twist the fabric so it forms a line. Use your other hand to help roll it inward and loop it threw to make a knot! (stretchier fabric works best!)

- Add a pop of color! Although the featured look here is very neutral, adding a brighter color can change the look of an outfit instantly. Pair with an old colorful v-neck or tank!

- Long vs. Short Sleeve a great staple skirt can be worn year round. Although this skirt is a floral pattern, the length will help in adding layers over the cooler seasons... maybe even adding a chunky sweater over top!
Tip: When purchasing new items, always think of ways you can transform them from season to season so you can get the most wear out of your buck.

- Wear your skirt over a dress. I love pairing a dress that has an amazing top, with a new bottom, just by layering. Although this could get warm in the summer months, it's a fun and inexpensive way to be able to wear your skirt multiple times a month! (add a belt to hide any unwanted seems or fabric "bulkiness")



Everlane : for a summer look, try  Tees and Tanks ($-$$)

Live Fashionable : for a higher neckline, try the Odaliz Tank ($)

Wear Pact : for a Fair Trade certified tank, try the Women's Stretch-Fit Tank ($) 



Vetta Capsule : for a shorter + versatile option, try 2PC Wrap Skort ($$) - also turns into shorts!

Everlane : for a dress up or dress down option, try The Pleated Skirt ($)

Elizabeth Suzann : for a neutral year round look, try the Bel Skirt ($$)

Ace and Jig : for a patterned option, try the Ramona Skirt in Merry ($$$)