Responsible Pieces from Summer to Fall

August is here and I'm excited to enjoy a last official month of summer! For summer and fall, I love being outdoors as much as possible and need my clothes, accessories and shoes to be adaptable. Over the summer season I've gotten to know a few brands and products that have amazing items that can be adaptable for more than 1-3 months out of the year!

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to take off of work for a girl's trip to a beach in North Carolina. My friends helped take photos with a few favorite products that I have been using all summer. But there are several more that I've loved seeing and reading about through social media and brand websites! In the photos you'll see the Fair Seas Supply Co.'s Round Turkish Towel featured as well as their navy Classic Tote Bag, Equal Uprise hat and my favorite artisan woven bag.

Check out a few recommendations for pieces that can take you from the summer months to the cool fall days - my favorite seasonal transition! 

Fair Seas Supply Co. - the brand's Round Turkish Towel ($$) is made from organic cotton and sewed in their California headquarters. The towel is less of the material we're used to in a traditional towel - so it's perfect for many different occasions and and can be taken along easily on-the-go. The round shape allows enough room to sit with others and to be used at the beach (as seen below) or another outdoor gatherings like festivals, camping or picnics in the fall season.
The Classic Tote Bag ($) is another great option from Fair Seas because of the durability and practicality of the tote. The totes are made from overstock fabric that would otherwise go unused, and are ethically sewn in California (thumbs up for reusing + recycling!).

Equal Uprise - I've brought along and worn my Avocado Honey Straw Hat ($$) throughout the summer and continue to get compliments or requests on who makes this hat. The woven material is high quality, sun shielding, and a perfect style compliment whether you are on vacation or just spending time in town. The brim was a bit larger than what I was used, but now I love the extra shade and new look it gives to any outfit! Equal Uprise creates a few styles in their handmade straw hats as well as fedoras to take you into the fall and winter months!

Yellow 108 - made in their California headquarters, Yellow 108's Fedoras ($-$$) are another hat option to invest in for the next few seasons. Personally, I think these hats can be worn year round, although sometimes hot in the summer, they are a perfect size and style to wear to any event. Yellow 108 creates their sustainable hats by using salvaged and recycled materials in their headquarters as well as other accessories and home goods.

Solo Eyewear - looking for some eco-friendly sunglasses? These Sunglass ($) styles from Solo Eyewear are a great option! Although Warby Parker ($$) sunglasses have always been a favorite, Solo Eyewear are affordable with an awesome sustainable mission! 

Sseko Designs - this brand started out creating versatile leather ribbon sandals. They employ artisans in Uganda to create the product that you see on their site. Their Leather Bags ($$-$$$) are perfect to take you to any season. If you're saving up for a new tote for work or start of the school year, or even a travel duffle, this is a great place to keep in mind! Your purchase will go towards employing more individuals in lower income communities around the world.

Bambien - although my own woven bag featured below is artisan made from a small vendor in the Bahamas, there are plenty of brands out there for great sized woven bags including Bembien. The brand became popular this season with their release of incredibly cute Straw Handbags ($$$) - handmade in Brooklyn. These are a great addition to carry to events, weddings, festivals, winter vacations and the holiday season. Keep a summer vibe throughout the whole year!

*Quick reminder : the pricing that you see in the above recommendations may be a little bit higher than what you're used to paying. But an important thing to remember while shopping an ethical brand is that... this is a product created to be long lasting (years rather than months) from a company that is not cutting corners on how their paying their employees, attention to labor laws, sourcing of materials, and finally a fair price to keep their business running. Something that I like to do when purchasing a "pricier" item is to the think about it through how much I will wear or use it. I divide the item price by how much I think I will wear/use and see how much the cost would be per wear/use. 

Ie) Equal Uprise Hat was $90.00 divided by the wear... so far would be around 15 times. Equaling $6.00 per wear. I've only owned this hat for 3 months and with it's high quality construction and materials, it will last for years. Overall this was a great purchase investment.

Shopping ethical is a change in your financial mindset - focusing on less is more. And more often than not, it makes so much sense to pay a little extra for something that you will use and love for years to come!