4 Tips Towards a Mindful Wardrobe

Fashion in itself can be an intimidating subject as we tackle our own person style. We often see clothing as personal statements or just purely functional for our day to day. Regardless, it takes some mindful energy to think about what we want our clothing to mean to us.

Whether you’re purely interested in learning more about ethics and sustainability surrounding fashion or you’ve been an ethical brand loyalist for some time, a mindful approach to your wardrobe is a good place to start in shaping a view on kicking off the new season of Fall.

1. Discover Your Wardrobe Staples

Taking a step back to look at your wardrobe and the items you wear daily is an important step in mindful wears. Whether it’s simple pieces like denim or dresses - these key wardrobe staples are those that bring confidence, comfort and ease to routines. These staples are ones that you reach for regardless of the occasion and quite possibly, the items that have already been in your closet for years. For me, it’s a pair of denim, wide leg pants or a favorite pair of shoes that I wear until it needs repair.

When you determine the items you find yourself wearing most frequently, you can then build off of these. This foundation will help shape a mindful approach to in answering questions like : What items should I be investing in? What items should I avoid because they do not bring confidence in my daily wears? What items are those that I can reincorporate back into my wardrobe?

These loved items should bring you joy and confidence and be those that are important to your day to day activities.

2. Create a Seasonal Wish List

Sitting down and putting a mindful practice towards shopping can help you purchase items that will last long term. And a wish list is a useful and accountable way to take this time to plan out what is needed within your wardrobe.

This list should be made up of items that you are able to think over in terms of wears, need and durability. It’s also designed to help avoid impulse buys that, most likely, you would not wear as often. Here is a great article about creating your own wish list for the season.

What’s on my wish list this season

  • Everyday Boot : After wearing out a past boot style over the last few years, I am on the hunt for an every day boot that can transition from work to evening wear. I’m currently looking at a pair from Vagabond (style here), Frye (second hand through Poshmark) and By Far Boots.

  • Denim : A good pair of denim is an item that is a staple to my weekly wears. After donating and selling (through consignment and Poshmark) a few old styles, there’s room in my closet for another pair to wear for various occasions. I’m currently looking at styles from Everlane, Redone, and Frank and Oak.

  • Leather Jacket : I’ve been searching for a quality, affordable, responsibly made leather jacket for over a year. It’s been a wish list item because of the versatility that it can bring to wearing with denim, dresses or casual wear. I’m currently looking for styles on Poshmark (for affordability) and keeping my eye on a few from Reformation and Deadwood.

  • Versatile Wrap Top : Although I’m traditionally wearing a turtle neck in the Fall and Winter, I’d love to add a versatile wrap top into my wardrobe to wear out for dinner and other activities. I am going to purchase the Everything Top from Hackwith Design House, but have also loved styles from Paloma Wool and Reformation.

3. Find a Few Loyal Brands

If you’re taking a step further in pursuing your mindful wardrobe for Fall, finding brands that are reliable for you is important - whether it concerns body type, work needs, durability or style. Even if you’re not there in shopping sustainably focused brands, choosing brands that are dependable and high quality will be important in choosing styles that will be worn. This will help curate a wardrobe that can go past trends and bring confidence to your daily wears.

Searching online for ethical and sustainable reliable brands? Try the brand list.

4. Rewear and Restyle What You Own

Lastly, we are aware that mindfulness can come in many forms, but being present in what’s already in front of you is a large piece. Staying in the moment, grateful and attentive is important in our lives, so why shouldn’t it be in our wardrobes?

Although wish lists and finding loved brands are significant in building out your style, rewearing what you already own is essential. We are trained to desire and purchase new every season, but with trends coming full circle (always), we can pair those older items for new, fresh looks. We can ask ourselves how we can rewear and restyle the pieces we already own to ultimately Ultimately save us money and time as well as work our creativity and challenge our styles.

Rewearing items is mindful in appreciating what we already have and acting on the knowledge that we don’t always have to impulse buy. If we have our wish list, take things slow and rewear mindfully, the seasonal fashion transition can be an easy one.