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I've admired the respsonible brand, Tradlands, for some time now because of their simple style and durable pieces. Tradlands was created to produce high quality essentials inspired by menswear - highlighting the ultimate "tomboy" style. With each design they are creating in shirting, jackets and pants, the brand desires each wear to empower the woman and make you feel comfortable, confident and just yourself.

One of their inspiring values focuses on the timelessness of their items. They have a vision that the clothing created will be items that can be passed down from mother to daughter. Or just items that a daughter would want to borrow from their mother's wardrobe for years to come. If all brands had this mindful consumer mindset, we'd avoid a lot of the issues in our industry now!

This Tradlands Guide is designed to shed light on this responsible brand and share first hand details on the fit, styles and things to know about the brand. Enjoy!

From the fabric to the trims to the person who stitched it together, a garment can either be painfully poor in quality or it can exude care and thoughtful construction.


Tradlands has been purposeful in creating pieces with intentional thought and design, but ultimately they started with a focus on ethics and sustainability. For each line from their collections, the brand partners with boutique clothing manufacturers (typically smaller and family owned) all over the world in areas like the United States, Mexico, Italy, China. Each manufacturer is purposefully chosen with ethics and transparency in mind and they only choose those who create their craft with passion and care about the people they employ. Each location goes through reviews and audits in each locations to ensure they are employing adults paid at a living wage, working in bright + clean environments and are voluntarily choosing to come to work each day (no slave labor, child labor, sweat shops or harassment).

For their fabric choices - Tradlands is intentional in creating fabrics from sustainable sources, methods and materials in every area possible. The brand utilizes 98% of the fabric made for each garment and have a recycling program for remnants (this is fabric left after cutting the patterns for each style). 

With these intentional and thought out decisions made towards being a responsible producer  - When you purchase a shirt with Tradlands, you will see a clear difference from purchasing their shirts compared to a fast fashion retailer like Target, H&M, Forever 21, even JCREW. 

Read all about their story and values here.


Tradlands' signature style that kicked off the brand was perfecting the women's button down. Each shirt is designed with the woman in mind - great fit, comfortability and a piece to be transitioned from work as a CEO to travel ventures and then home life with your kids. 

FIT : The fit of the shirt is very structured and breathable. I am wearing the Park City Flannel in an XS and I love the versatility it can bring when wearing. The size runs large so I recommend sizing down for a more fitted fit. I chose XS and it's a bit looser in order to wear a thin sweater underneath or paired on tope of a dress (as seen in photos below).
The length of the shirt is also long therefore it typically will cover below your hips. I'm 5'3" and this hit a few inches below my hips, which I like for coverage and warmth.

STYLE : The 100% cotton flannel styles are designed to be worn in many transitional outfits. They are thick, warm and cozy - perfect for a comfy day at home to keeping warm in work attire. I chose to style this flannel tied over a dress as well as open over a light sweater. But it can be worn tucked in, buttoned up over a turtleneck and even as a "jacket" style in the warmer months.
The colors of each shirt are vibrant, beautiful and will add a pop to any occasion - but they also offer styles for those with a neutral or minimal wardrobe mindset.

CARE : Preshrunk shirt to prevent shrinking - shirt can be machine washed cold and hung dry. *care tip : to ensure long lasting garments, you do not have to wash after each wear and always hang dry to prevent wearing

OVERVIEW : Overall, I highly recommend purchasing a Tradlands button down, whether a flannel, cotton or silk option. The quality is incomparable and 100% worth the price as this is a flannel you will own forever. I love one of the unique features about their flannels and button downs, is the attention to fit and detail. One of the best qualities of the shirt is the button placement - they have designed each shirt with 8 buttons to help avoid the "boob gap" (awkward cleavage) women typically experience while wearing these styles. 

SIZING : wearing size XS ; next purchase sizing down to XXS for a more form fitting style and less layering.

PRICE : $167.00

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Tradlands offers several outerwear styles in their product lines - the denim jacket, utility shirt jackets, and the traditional chore coat. Each style is sized to layer and pair with other wonderful pieces.

FIT : I was able to try the Atlantic Jacket Fathom Wash - Tradlands' new USA made + sourced selvedge denim jacket that was released this past Fall. The jacket is slightly wider shoulders with extra length to hit below the hips for coverage. At first, the style can be slightly stiff but will break in through your movements and wears. 

STYLE : The style is long and oversized to pair well with shirts, sweaters and other jackets in your wardrobe. The jacket was created with top of the line selvedge denim, which is a unique production technique that results in defined edges to create a clean finished look and prevent unraveling. Tradlands has then soft-washed the raw denim to leave it with a broken-in feel. With this technique, this style will last for a lifetime - no doubt about it.
But overall, you can see in the photos that the vibrant color, beautiful stitching and attention to craftsmanship creates a classic and timeless design.

CARE : Already soft washed and pre-shrunk - wear this jacket with love and wash occasionally only when necessary.

OVERVIEW : I wasn't sure what to expect with their jackets. I am petite and therefore typically am skeptical about sizing from online retailers. But I was pleasantly surprised as I think what was described online about fit and details is exactly what I received! The denim jacket is a thick, heavier weight denim because of the structure and takes some time to break in. But once it does, it is comfortable and versatile to wear to many occasions.
With the denim jacket's history of a timeless staple - Tradlands has designed this to be a piece of fashion history in your closet.I also love the menswear inspired elements of this piece - the boxy structure adds a different item to my wardrobe than I've had in the past! I highly recommend checking out their outerwear!

SIZING : Wearing size XS. Recommend sizing down a size for a more fitted style. My next Tradlands outerwear purchase will be a XXS in the Chore Coat.

PRICE : $250

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After developing the women's shirting, Tradlands has looked to outfitting the woman from head-to-toe - creating a consistent style of comfortability, durability and ethically made. So here are their first chinos!

FIT : Seen here, I was able to try out the new Transit Chino Charcoal which is available in 2 colors - charcoal and olive. The style is made from a Cotton + Lycra blend for a slight stretch. These are definitely one of the most comfortable style chinos I have tried. The only downside you might see is the overall wrinkling after wear throughout the day. The fit is a comfortable design, sitting or standing, with a soft feel and slight stretch in the legs and waist. 

STYLE : The style can transition for many activities, but definitely recommend wearing them for casual work wear or layered with long sweaters, blazers and jackets as they do wrinkle and bunch occasionally after time. But, the intentional details on these chinos are amazing and something to highlight as unique. The pant has outer pockets that are lined and large enough to fit items like your iPhone. They also have details like twill finishing on the pant leg for cuffing (you can see an example in the picture below). These pants were definitely designed by women and made for women in mind for comfort, style + wear!

CARE : Item is preshrunk to prevent shrinking and soft-washed for comfortability.

OVERVIEW : I definitely think the brand is on the right track in creating a pant that is comfortable and transitional for different occasions. Although I don't usually wear work pants because I do not have to go into a formal office, these pants are extremely comfy and would be great to wear all day out of the house! 

SIZING : Wearing a size 2 ; Recommend sizing down for a more fitted style around the waist and leg.

PRICE : $185

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"Tradlands is about you, the woman who knows that quality is always in style, and who knows that one great piece can make a whole outfit. 

It’s for you, the woman who loves simplicity and elegance in her wardrobe, and who wants her clothes to make her feel more like herself. 

It’s for you, the woman who cares about where her clothes come from, how they’re made, and how her choices impact her community. 

It’s for you, the woman who wants her clothes to last the seasons with her, to look and feel as good in five years as they did the day she bought them.


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Transparency in Practice : 
This post is sponsored by Tradlands for a product partnership. 
All opinions are 100% my own. || Wear well. Do good. Thank you!