Welcome to the brand directory - a page featuring a few hundred ethical, sustainable and fair trade brands that exist within the fashion industry. You'll find clothing, accessories, shoe, beauty and home brands listed below.

Brand Spotlights

In addition to the curated Brand List, throughout the year, The Good Wear will highlight several brands from the directory list below that “do good” with their products. This select spotlight is designed to help get to know existing brands and narrow down your search for ethical products for your wardrobe. Bonus? You will learn more about the mission and hard working people behind the sustainable and responsible products.

Whether for travel, errands, work or play, most of us own at least one bag that we rely on to help us throughout our days. But just because they are functional, doesn’t mean we have to settle for these staple items to come from just anywhere. Tthere are so many options on where to shop for a bag that is produced ethically and sustainably for both men and women. Here are nine brands that are creating totes, handbags, duffles, wallets and more that are responsibly manufactured, environmentally conscious and created in a variety of style options.

APPRVL - Handmade in Brooklyn NY, these rope stitched bags are the epitome of natural chic. Founder Megan Mussari works to construct each bag with all natural fibers and dyes designed to curate styles that work away from mass production.
BAGGU - Ranging from reusable tote bags to carry groceries to high quality leather handbags, Baggu creates responsibly made bags for the every day tasks and uses for both men and women in fun prints or neutral colorways.
CLARE V - Creating a collection of colorful, functional and stylish brands out of Los Angeles, Clare V curates handmade collections with a mindful approach in reducing waste and creating styles that women can use for years to come.
TRIBE ALIVE - With trend-driven, functional bags, Tribe Alive is focused on small production, high quality materials and ethical manufacturing of all their items.
EQUAL UPRISE - Another brand focused on creating items in small batches (to ensure all materials and products are sold) as well as responsible manufacturing, Equal Uprise is the brand for minimal and timeless accessories including leather bags.
SATHI FREESET USA - Producing bags that help to fight human tracking, Freeset USA's Sathi collection provides several canvas styles for every day use. Read more about the brand in a past highlight here.
NISOLO - A leading shoe and leather brand based out of Nashville, TN that is focused on ethical manufacturing with factory partners in countries like Peru and Mexico, Nisolo is creating timeless, leather handbags, totes, clutches and wallets for all occasions.
APOLIS - As a B-Corporation, Apolis is creating staple favorites for men and women including the favorite market tote (that really holds up to 185 lbs!). The brand is focused on environmentally friendly products and responsible production through global partners around the world.
ABLE - Creating leather goods in a variety of colors, ABLE ethically produces their totes, shoulder bags and wallets. Fun fact : They are working to change the industry with opening a conversation and educate on wages within the fashion industry.

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