Summer Reads for the Brain and Soul

During my road to responsible style, I've discovered a need to constantly find ways to stay educated on ethical + sustainable fashion industry, as well as be inspired by stories and individuals within the industry. Taking on the challenge of a responsible wardrobe does not come easy and it's important to find encouragement and growth from the fashion and creative community that has made many strides to create change.

If you're on the search for a read this summer, whether at the beach or at home, check out the books below. I've enjoyed many of them and there are several on my list to read!

by Greg McKeown
An awesome recommended read from many within the industry. This book will inspire you to find ways to narrow down focus in your life on what's important - or for better words, essential. The book values sustainable and ethical practices. In the fashion world as well as our own life, there are many pressures to look every direction - this book will help sort out some thoughts on how you approach your time, tasks and goals.

"Less, but better."

by Sophia Amoruso
If your dream is to break into some creative industry or challenge the thought of the norm in business or life, this book is for you. An inspiring biography read of the story of Sophia Amoruso's rise in the vintage fashion industry and the creation of the Nasty Gal franchise. You'll read tips about business, overcoming challenges, advice for interviewing, styling, online shopping and much more.

"Figure out what you love doing and don't suck at it, then try to figure out how to make a living doing that!"

by Greta Eagan
An educational read on the facts of the ethical fashion industry. You'll read the details on uncovering what goes on behind the scenes to our clothes (which The Good Wear posts about frequently) as well as recommendations of products to look for, brands who have created change and ways we can make an impact as a consumer. This is a more detailed read for those very interested in becoming informed about the ethical and sustainable change that we can make in our wardrobes and within the industry.

"Before the 1900s most people had a handful of garments in their closets that were constantly being repaired and passed won. Even in the twenties the average middle-class American woman had nine outfits..."

by Safia Minney
Although I have not read this book yet, I know it is one to recommend. It's on my summer read list, because of the story and truth that is revealed within. The book focuses on the hard truth behind a corrupt industry in fashion dealing with slavery, human trafficking, unsafe factory conditions and mistreatment of human life in many countries. But also a call for justice. Written by the founder of the first ethical fashion retailer in the UK, People Tree, Safia Minney has been in the industry for years and knows first hand of the impacts that our consumerism has on our planet and people. This will be another great read for those, like me, who want to continue to be challenged + convicted and using our voices or purchases to make a difference.

by Grace Bonney
I highly recommend this book if you're looking to be inspired by other female creators and to be encouraged through the summer. This "coffee table" styled book is perfect to read in parts to discover stories of female entrepreneurs, artists, stylists, and other creatives who have overcome challenges in their fields to find success in a variety of ways. You'll see a wide range of stories, advice and images that will keep you entertained for months - seriously I've owned this book for over a year and still enjoy looking + reading through. You'll continue learning new things that could help your next steps as a creative or in your day-to-day!

Are there any other reads you would recommend? Let me know!