Monday boost : 3 articles to read

Start your week off by reading a few articles to get your brain moving and motivated. I love getting to sit down for a few minutes in the morning and refresh on some important topics + conversations. Here are a three articles I read last week that will keep you up to date on the responsible fashion industry!

Fig Leaves Are Out. What to Wear to Be Kind to the Planet?
I've been slowly working on a future blog post on sustainable materials and this article has been a PERFECT fit to get to know a few fabrics - as well as some facts on the environmental impacts of a garments production. A must read for you Monday nerds (like me) that love to educate themselves on topics as much as possible. And what's cool about educating yourself about clothing + fashion material? It impacts everyone because we all wear them!

Wearing All the Hats : Our Interview with Lauren Lilly, Founder of Yellow 108
This article is a perfect start to the week if you're looking to be inspired by a maker with a vision. Yellow Co. interviews individuals who are making impacts in their community whether through fashion, art, community service and more. Recently, they interviewed the founder of Yellow 108, an ethical hat brand based in California. This article is a quick + easy read that shines empowerment and inspiration for everyone with a vision to make a difference where they are at.

A 7 Shirt Capsule Collection, Made Locally for Transparency
I recently came across Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelorator on Instagram and fell in love with what they do - they're on a mission to help local artisans, makers + brands develop successful sustainable & ethical companies! This article highlights an up-and-coming fashion brand, called Pause NY; Who are in the beginning stages of getting their line of ethical shirts through production to sell to the public. This article features their start as well as how they're getting there (another great source for Monday makers inspiration!). 

Want more Monday inspiration? Listen to NPR's 'How I Built This' (my personal favorite).

What else are you reading this week?

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