Brands for Spring

If you're like me, you've been off shopping Everlane's new releases. But if you're also looking for variety, finding other responsible brands to purchase from can be tricky and time consuming. This is where The Good Wear comes in - a platform searching for companies that are changing the industry one product at a time. When looking for these, I pay attention to several questions...

  • Is there transparency about the company's products, sourcing, and supply chain?
  • Does the company provide details about their ethical or sustainability goals?
  • Do other companies, customers or influencers recommend them?

Last week, we spoke about 5 ways to use what's in your closet and this week is dedicated for those who are ready to add new brands to their wardrobe! Here are a few of The Good Wear's selections for Spring brands to know...

The Basics

People Tree UK : Don't be intimidated by their UK location. This brand is one of the leading companies creating affordable Fair Trade basics with great patterns, silhouettes and styles. If you're looking for an affordable purchase for Spring, this is a first place to check out. (Also featured in our "Responsible Instagram's to Follow") They feature accessories and special free-shipping times during the month for those who subscribe to their email list.

Amour Vert : Doubling as a marketplace for ethical brands and their own line, Amour Vert is an awesome brand with incredible pieces that are sourced with innovative and high quality materials! Several of their items are even designed, sourced and made in the U.S. If you're used to discount shopping (like I was), the price points here may be daunting, but it's important to remember these as investments that will last years in your closet instead of just a few months. (Try out one of their eco-friendly tees)

VETTA : I came across this brand a few weeks ago and fell in love. Each VETTA item is designed to help you build a capsule wardrobe and add variety to your style (and they're all ethically made with sustainable fabrics and quality factories). As shown on their site, the pieces can be transformed in several different looks by turning a shirt inside out to reveal another color, creation of a skort ensamble, or transforming from dress to shirt to skirt. It's an innovative form of a capsule style and can add incredible variety to what you already own!

Raven + Lily : This B-corp company makes a huge impact by sourcing ethical products and helping marginalized communities around the world. What I love about Raven + Lily is their ability to create a unified style aesthetic and still make an impact. Based in Austin, Texas, designs are created and sent to artisans in countries like Pakistan, India, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Kenya, and Peru. The company creates timeless + flattering pieces to add to your wardrobe as well as jewelry, accessories, and home goods.



Purpose Jewelry : If you're looking for simple and affordable accessory pieces to add to your day-to-day, this brand offers beautiful gold and silver pieces. Each item is created by an artisan and your purchase directly gives back to those women who are impacted by human trafficking in India and California. Check out their newly released Spring collection.

Nena & Co : Looking for an eye catching tote, duffle or clutch? Nena & Co offers amazing woven + leather bags sourced directly from Guatemala while providing clean water, scholarships, and jobs to the community members and artisans. These bags will add an automatic statement whether using daily or while traveling. They offer other products including hats, camera straps, rugs, throw blankets, + more.

The Tote Project : This brand is perfect for you if you're in search for a new tote to shop at the farmers market this Spring or a new bag to carry to work. All of The Tote Project's bags are created in India by women who have journeyed out of sex trade. This brand provides jobs to these women and gives back with each purchase to fight human trafficking through the non-profit Two Wings. Buying a tote truly makes an impact for women around the globe.



Bryr Clogs - If you had asked me a year ago if I was a clog person, I would have strongly said no. But they have worn on me (pun intended), especially after coming across Bryr Clogs. The company is headquartered in San Francisco and each shoe is hand-made to order by an in-house team. The leather used is completely sourced in the United States and are dedicated to using eco-friendly production techniques. Although an investment, with pairs ranging from $250-400, they are extremely high quality, timeless and durable product. Their goal is to help make you a shoe that will last for years to come!


Lively - Each season, revamping and replacing your under garments is always a good idea. I've found that high quality and well fitting items are hard to find and tend to be monopolized by places like Victoria Secret - which has failed ethical standards for years. Finally, I came across Lively who is focused on providing comfort, product for all shapes and sizes, AND ethically sourcing their materials and labor. Win-win-win! If you're on the search, I highly recommend checking them out.

Want to shop more companies? Check out the "Brands to Know" post featuring several accessory and basic brands to add to your list.