Responsible Instagram accounts you should be following

For this Friday's mini read, I've featured several Instagram accounts that have helped my responsible + ethical style education, while pointing me in new directions for tips, knowledge and creativity. Check them out!

1. @fash_rev
Fashion Revolution is an organization whose sole purpose is to bring awareness and advocate for the ethical side of the fashion industry. They highlight the workers around that world who make our clothes as well as the tough + heartbreaking facts about our consumption.

Several years ago, they started the international campaign "Who Made My Clothes" to request companies to stand up and take charge on their transparency. They've also begun a 'Fashion Revolution' week that is globally celebrated from April 24-30th every year. This is a must follow for those seeking to become more aware of detailed facts and transparency.

2. @ecoage
I recently came across this account a few months ago - Eco-Age is doing amazing things to raise awareness about sustainability (specifically their Green Carpet Challenge) as well as ongoing socially conscious issues. They offer resources, facts, articles, and brands that are working towards the same goals. 

A plus? You'll see @emmawatson featured frequently with her sustainable wardrobe!

3. @peopletreeuk
People Tree was founded over 25 years ago as one of the leading brands who transformed the ethical, organic and sustainable part of the fashion industry. Based in the UK, they curate, manufacture and sell their own lines of clothing and accessories which are all Fair Trade certified. Their Instagram features beautifully crafted garments, facts about ethical fashion and creative images to keep you inspired.

4. @garmentory
Garmentory is an online source and marketplace for indie boutiques and contemporary fashion. They feature up and coming boutiques from around the world as well as brands who are focused on sustainability, minimalism and ethics. Their Instagram feed is artistic and informative for those interested in getting to know new companies.

5. @projectjust
Another great online company creating a community who wants to know do-good brands and ways to shop smarter. Most of their images feature advocates for ethical fashion or brands who are making their mark in the industry. And if you take a step further, their website features a ton of market information about companies, ethical history and transparency.

6. @everlane
Lastly, Everlane is another must follow because of their innovation and impeccable style (I might talk about this company a lot). Everlane's account displays their values as well as a curated feed, beautiful product, and updates about their transparency

They even feature a #TransparencyTuesday every Tuesday evening to answer questions customers submit! Follow to stay up to date on their company, styles and creativity.

BONUS: Follow along with @thegoodwearblog of course - for lots of responsible style ideas, adventures, discussions and photos.

Did I miss a must-follow account? Let me know!

-The Good Wear