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One of my favorite things that I get to do with #thegoodwearblog is working with passionate, creative and talented people. My good friend Lexi, of Alexa Ann Photography, is one of the most talented that I know! I've been lucky enough to get to work with her so closely over the past few months as she's been providing photography for The Good Wear. With her help, the photographs have embodied the visual look of the blog so that you readers could be inspired to shop ethically, sustainably and learn more about the fair fashion industry. I'm constantly inspired by her creative eye and it's been so fun to have the support of this friend who is excited to pursue this The Good Wear's vision + goals alongside of me. So of course, she had to be featured on the 'Who to Know in RVA' series!

Below, is today's interview with Lexi on her trade of photography, how she incorporates creativity + joy for others into her style, and what she's learned alongside The Good Wear. Enjoy!

How did you become interested in photography?

What initially drew me in about photography was its stillness— the ability to slow time down and provide you with a tangible, static moment from our often chaotic and fast moving world. The more I got involved, the more I fell in love with that process. I’m continually captivated by the weight of a photograph— how it can force you to stop and see one specific second in time, how it preserves the beauty of our world, how it allows you to relive sweet moments and keeps our memories safe. 

What do you love most about your work?

My favorite part about my job is how relational it is. I love that wedding photography gives me the opportunity to care for/serve couples and offer them something that captures this really special time in their life. I get giddy thinking about how to celebrate my couples individually through imagery— who they are and the sweet bond that’s specific to their love story. Human connection and interaction is fascinating to me. The way that love flows so freely yet so distinctly through so many people at weddings/during the engagement process is a really beautiful and intimate thing to witness. I think its such a fun adventure discovering what makes people’s love theirs and getting the privilege of highlighting it is an honor. 

How would you describe your personal style? And how to pull your style into your photos?

Love is many things, but to me its most specifically vibrant, warm, and a huge adventure. I try to showcase this through my imagery in several ways, whether its editing images with a style that I feel evoke those things or literally going on adventures with my couples— hiking a mountain together, frolicking through fields, or hopping rocks at the river at sunset. I strive to give my couples not only a fun memory during our time together, but also real moments that they feel embody their relationship. This takes time to discover, so I do my research— ask intentional questions, spend time with them, give them direction during sessions that encourage authenticity, etc. I don’t have this process down by any means— I’m always having to hold it loosely, giving it room to evolve because love continually changes from person to person and its always redefining itself as I work with different people.  

How did you get involved with The Good Wear?

Kelly is a dear friend of mine, and I jumped at the opportunity to support this dream she has. Although photographing fashion/products for blogs is not my typical line of work, it’s been refreshing to my process to challenge myself in a different way.

Is there anything new you’ve been learning about responsible style?

I love the brands I’m learning on The Good Wear! It’s encouraging to know that these companies exist and how thoughtful they're being towards sustainability and transparency with customers. Don’t get me wrong, your girl still shops at target— but I feel more educated about the fashion industry and have a new approach when it comes to buying for my closet. One of my favorite things about The Good Wear is that it’s inspired a love for shopping vintage/secondhand. I’ve already worn the items I’ve recently bought from vintage shops in Richmond like Yesterday’s Heroes, Rosewood Clothing Company, Addison Handmade & Vintage, and Tiny Space more consistently than I ever have with new clothes. I feel a lot more confident in these clothes and actually get excited about planning outfits with them— which was a rarity before.

What do you recommend to others when starting off with a more consciously minded shopping habits?

You do you! Figure out what it is specifically about a piece of clothing that you love or makes you feel confident. I think when you’re conscious about that when searching for items, you’re less likely to buy impulsively or buy something only because its on trend, and you’ll get a lot more wear out of whatever it is you do buy! I don’t think being on trend is a bad thing— I unashamedly love trendy things— but I think shopping is a lot less intimidating when you buy things because you’ve found it's your thing and not just to meet a trend. 

What’s one thing you’d like people to know about Alexa Ann Photography?

I’m a weirdo who’s most likely dancing or giggling her way through life that really loves love, people, and mountains. If you’re a wildly in love adventure-seeker looking for a wedding photographer, I’m your girl! 

What do you love about the RVA community?

I love that there is huge opportunity for creatives! I have never felt so inspired by all the creative work that’s being produced in such close proximity to me. We’re an eclectic bunch, and I appreciate everyone’s support of each others’ diverse projects in the many arts festivals, craft markets or creative gatherings that are held on such a regular basis. 

Where can we find you next? 

If I’m not at my favorite coffee shop, Sugar and Twine, I’m most likely in Manchester making weird videos with my studio-mate Michelle and posting them on my insta-story. Most weddings in the upcoming months are in the Richmond area, but I’m becoming a traveling wedding photographer more and more, so you might see me venturing to places like Nashville, KY, PA, WA and other fun places in the next year! 


Isn't she the cutest!? It's so fun getting to working with a creative that is passionate about her work, the people around her and her own personal style. She's been an incredible asset to The Good Wear blog and I can't wait to continue to show some of her work with future styling posts and other photos.

Give her at follow on Instagram - @alexaannphoto.

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