The Spring 10x10 Style Challenge

The 10 x 10 Style Challenge is one of my favorite mini-capsule wardrobe series that takes place each season of the year. Originally started by another responsible style blogger, Lee of Style Bee, this challenge has taken off as an ethical fashion community staple, stirring on conversation about our wardrobes and the items we own and wear regularly.



For those unfamiliar with the challenge, these details are helpful in setting yourself up for a successful 10 days of 10 outfits. 

You will choose 10 items consisting of clothing and shoes. The formula tends to shift person to person on what exact items you should choose so it's up to you to make the final choices based on your daily and weekly activity, weather.

And ultimately, don't take yourself too seriously! The challenge is all about what you make it. If you miss a day, own it! If you need to swap an item out of your original choices, then you should do that. The challenge is about following the guidelines but also doing what works best for you - while helping to be mindful of what you learn about your style and wardrobe.

Find out more details and advice here.



This Spring 10x10, I decided to go with only clothing items and exclude shoes from my selection. The weather in Richmond ranged from 75 degrees to 30 and it definitely added some more questions as to what the correct shoe and style choices were. Because the challenge is not about stress, I knew it was okay to omit this category and stick with pants, tops, skirts and dresses! 

  • Chambray Button Down - one of my most-worn items in my wardrobe and also worn in last year's 1st Spring 10x10. Simple, versatile and comfortable with every outfit.
  • Knit Cardigan - an older wardrobe piece that I chose to test how many times I'd wear it. The outcome was only wearing it with 1 outfit - probably a piece I can sell secondhand.
  • Striped Long Sleeve - one of my all time favorite shirts, this long sleeve is comfortable and versatile for any outfit. A timeless stripe is always a good choice!
  • High waisted Denim - a purchase from last year, these denim are great for cool weather seasons, so I'm trying to get as many wears out of them as possible!
  • Vintage Navy Midi-Skirt - a favorite recent wardrobe addition, this skirt is a perfect color and length for all occasions. 
  • Patterned Short Sleeve Blouse - an older item that I'm trying to get more wears out of,  as it's a great short sleeve fit for many occasions.
  • Button Down Long Sleeve Dress - a very recent addition from Sotela, this dress is beautiful with great fabric for a transitional Spring dress.
  • Orange Flowy Tank - another item I was testing out to see how many times I'd wear. The outcome was not including it in any chosen styles. A piece I can definitely pass on!
  • White Cable Knit Sweater - an older sweater that has been perfect for layering and matching with any other item in my wardrobe! 
  • Wide Leg Pants - My current favorite pant from Everlane, these wide legs are versatile and flattering for any styles.


With those chosen pieces, I was able to mix and match some of my favorite wardrobe styles that I've been wearing for years. Some of those items chosen, like my white sweater and striped top have been in my closet for over 4 years. Making these options a comfortable choice for outfits that I could feel confident in. As you can see below, I only dressed in these items 9 out of the 10 days because I spent a full day in casual clothes while babysitting. Because this is my 3rd style 10x10 style challenge, I didn't have to stress too much about missing a day.

It was refreshing to be able to make these 10 days my own and take a pass when I needed. There were also a few other times that I swapped out items for leggings or a warmer sweater for chillier days. But ultimately many of these chosen outfits are ones that I will continue to wear this season. 


This season's style challenge was very relaxed and ultimately easy to do. I was able to choose items that I wear on a consistent basis and knew I'd feel comfortable in them. The pieces were easy to layer and with a neutral color scheme of mostly blue, white and black, each item was easily paired with another making it seem like I wasn't rewearing too frequently. 

THE takeaways

  • Shoes make sense as a 10x10 addition - I did not wear two of my chosen items, therefore encouraging me that I can in fact add 2 pairs of shoes within these boundaries and still make great outfits for whatever I'm up to.
  • The challenge is what you make it - there is no need to stress if you miss a day or feel shame if you need to swap out an item. This style challenge is designed to help you look at your wardrobe differently - as well as take a step back and consider the pieces you truly love and those you could part with. This is a mini-capsule challenge to see how less, truly can be more. 
  • The community is inspiring - if there is one thing I'd continuously recommend is doing this challenge to follow along and be a part of the 10x10 Style Community. It has grown into a movement that encourages each other, provides confidence in each challenger, acceptance in the highs and lows of the challenge and assistance on questions when needed. It's fun to follow along with each hashtag to see style inspiration and what each women is up to during the days. Check out the hashtags : #10x10Friends // #Spring10x10 // #ES10x10


Although the style challenges are run once every season (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter), you can still implement a lot of your takeaways, styles and community inspiration into your year round wardrobe! Treating this like a stepping stone towards a wardrobe that is either capsule style focused or one focused on loved items you wear consistently. 


After limiting your wardrobe for a period of time, it can be easy to continue that mindset long term. Many people attempt to do full or seasonal capsule wardrobes from the items they have in their closets. Here are some easy tips to make it happen -

  • Choose a color scheme - This is a tip that works well for people pulling items for their capsule wardrobe. Choosing colors that work well together and ones you feel confident in, is important when narrowing down your choices. Neutrals as well as pops of color can work well together, but most people typically avoid crazy patterns when doing capsule styling - ultimately it's all up to you! As you've seen in my 10x10, my color scheme would be blues, whites and blacks with pops of brown and cognac - can't complain about that color group!
  • Choose what you feel confident in - This seems obvious, but sometimes we over think our choices and lean towards, "I could wear that one day...". Choosing styles for your capsule selection that you feel confident in, for all occasions, is important to help you want to wear the items exclusively for an extended period of time. 
  • Don't throw away your other clothes - I've heard that when people start a seasonal capsule wardrobe, they want to rid their closets of other items to prevent temptation of 'cheating' the capsule grouping. I think it definitely makes sense to remove items from sight that you are not planning to wear - maybe pack these in storage bins or place them in another closet in your house - but never throw them away! If you are looking to get rid of some items, donate or sell consignment! And just as a reminder, you don't need a brand new wardrobe to do capsule styling! Make it your own with what you already have - that's sustainable and easy!
  • Don't stress - Another key theme with capsule wardrobes or even style challenges, especially if it's your first attempt. Don't give into stress or shame if things don't go as smoothly as you'd like! There's always room to make swaps and changes in your wardrobe wherever you see fit - because it's a style journey that's made just for you!


Another great takeaway from doing a style challenge like the 10x10 is being mindful of your purchases moving forward. When you limit your wears, you are able to evaluate what styles, materials, or clothing items you wear the most - or just what you like to wear the most. If these are the styles you are confident in, then they should be the ones you purchase moving forward. Having a mindful and intentional approach towards your wardrobe can help create a closet of loved and timeless pieces!