Get to Know the Responsible Brand - Groceries Apparel

The responsible brand, Groceries Apparel has been a fun brand to get to know because of their transparent production and use of natural materials and fibers in creating their relaxed, casual products. The brand, located in Los Angeles, manufacturers all clothing in their own factory ensuring standards of living wages, safe working conditions, natural fabrics and hands-on approach of getting high quality items into the hands of their customers. Check out some details about the fabrics, production and styles you should know.


Groceries Apparel was designed to create product that was responsibly made, comfortable for all occasions, while still be flattering for the wearer. The brand manufactures garments in their California factory with the ability of tracing the supply chain's fibers, fabrics and makers throughout the process to ensure fair and safe treatment. The decision to have their own factory is rare in the fashion industry and desired by many in the ethical fashion world. This step helps the customers (me and you) learn a little more about their production process and the brand's view on the industry and impact on the environment. They are confident that the model and values they've created as a brand, are the future of apparel manufacturing and they'd rather go out of business than compromise. Pretty big claim that their values and attention to sustainability and ethics seem to back up! 

Another thing I love about Groceries Apparel is the focus on raising awareness on the stages that clothing goes through to in order to get produced - ultimately the supply chain process. They are able to highlight specifics through design, production and even what type of fibers they use for each garment. 

Focusing on this eco-friendly mindset as well as human empowerment, responsible manufacturing and organic and recycled ingredients, the brand is able to do a lot more to ensure their brand is focused on the mission and values through all parts of the company. And because they continue to dedicate their process to go above and beyond towards responsibly made, they've created a “Seed to Skin” certification as the first of its kind to represents a new standard for the apparel industry.


Along with manufacturing in the USA, Groceries Apparel places more of their values in producing their garments with responsibly sourced and created fibers and materials. This care and intentionality to a sustainable part of production is important when creating product that attempts to do little harm to the environment - something that all brands should get behind. These materials and fibers like organic cotton, eucalyptus, recycled plastic and hemp are all naturally sourced and farmed without harmful chemicals. The brand also uses a technique called vegetable dying to help in that practice as well. Here are some details, from the brand, about their fabrics and manufacturing.

Organic cotton

Many brands have started using organic cotton because this crop is a safer fiber than regular cotton because they are not "treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and Genetically Modified Organisms. These toxins are harmful for farmers and workers, us as consumers, and entire wildlife eco-systems."

Our USA-sourced recycled cotton is made from the waste of discarded American t-shirts. Recycling cotton requires a fraction of the amount of water needed to grow virgin cotton as well as less energy and no chemicals.


Another naturally sourced plant-based fiber, this material is made from responsibly-sourced Eucalyptus & Pine trees from South Africa and California. And becuase this fiber is able to grow on low-grade land unusable for food production, the creation and sourcing of the fiber plant prevents harmful farming practices. Lastly, "the man-made fiber is created through the use of nano-technology in a closed-loop process that recovers or decomposes all of its solvents and emissions" - and it creates an incredibly soft fabric for your clothing!

Recycled Plastic

If all of our clothes could be made from recycled plastic, we'd have a lot better overall textile recycling system. Groceries Apparel has chosen to focus on this method in some of their production because "recycling plastic decreases our dependence on oil as a raw material source and curbs the amount of trash being dumped, thereby prolonging landfill life. Reducing the toxic emission from the constant flow of landfill incinerators lessens the advance of global warming."


Another natural fiber that can be created and farmed without chemicals, "this versatile fiber is fast-growing, requires very little water, is naturally pest-resistant and produces more fiber yield per acre than any other source. It is anti-bacterial, biodegradeable and resistant to mold, saltwater and ultraviolet light." Overall, hemp (similar to linen) is a great fabric for creating safe fabric for warm weather clothing.

Vegetable dying

Our Vegetable-Dye Collection is colored in California with non-toxic ingredients using techniques from around the world. This exceptional range of color is achieved entirely through dyes made from plants, including roots, bark, wood, flowers and minerals.

*The above information is sourced from the Groceries Apparel site on their fabrics, styles and product details.


The brand sent over some styles to try out and I was impressed by the quality and durability of each item - the use of the natural fibers definitely makes a difference. The sustainable fabrics make each item soft, extremely comfortable and neutral colors make the items versatile for your wardrobe.

Organic Cotton Long Sleeve Smooth Crew - a snug crew long sleeve, perfect for cooler days in the Spring as well as bringing it into your Fall and Winter wardrobe. This style is made from organic cotton ensuring safely sourced fiber that is responsibly made. Would recommend purchasing this style a size up from your traditional size.

Organic Cotton Front Seam Leggings - a great casual legging for loungewear with a front seam to dress them up to be worn under dresses or tunics. Leggings are extremely comfortable and not see through - very important when wearing! This style fits true to size.

Organic Cotton California Tee - This short sleeve tee is my favorite out of the 6 styles for it's soft fabric, simple silhouette, comfortable neckline and neutral color that matches many styles I already have in my wardrobe. This style fits true to size but would recommend sizing up if you want a looser fit.

Eucalyptus Tencel Linda Tee - the Eucalyptus used in designing this material creates an extremely soft fabric that is created into a slightly loose fitting scoop neck tee with a mock chocker neckline. It's a fun style for date nights or a top for an event. This top fits true to size, but would recommend sizing down for a more fitted look.

Eucalyptus Tencel Evelina Dress - another soft fabric made from the natural plant, this dress is a beautiful blue color with slight ribbing to provide texture on the form fitting dress. The waist tie is sewn into the dress and creates a fun look that can be worn for work or formal occasions. This dress style fits snug and would recommend sizing up at least one size.

Organic Cotton Vee Long - a very comfortable long sleeve v-neck that's perfect for the season as well as the cold weather months. This is my favorite colored top out of the 6 - the dye is beautiful and will be a perfect addition with denim or skirts. This style fits a little snug and would recommend sizing up from your traditional size.


The product that Groceries Apparel sells is perfect for individuals who are looking for responsibly made, affordable and high quality basics to add to your wardrobe. The quality of the garments is evident with the way each fit as well as the comfort of each item. This brand is also one for you to follow along if you're interested in more details on responsibly made clothing.

For those purchasing, sizing can be a bit snug on some of the items depending on the material used - I'd recommend choosing your normal size or sizing up on all items (see reviews above on some of the items tried on). The colors of each item are vibrant and true to style that you see on the website.

Most of all, admire the brand's vision and purpose in creating product that also raises awareness about the supply chain and production of the clothing we wear. You can follow along with them on Instagram and for more details on the founders, check out this fun interview on Remake.World. I came across this a few weeks ago and love the authentic conversation and vision that you hear from the makers behind the brand.

Enjoy exploring Groceries Apparel!