Sustainable Hair Care with Lakeshore Dry Goods

We're exploring sustainable avenues on the blog and the beauty industry has been one that we've been exploring over the past few months. I have never been one to understand beauty products well, but have started to make an effort in learning the ingredients and care of our products. Our skin absorbs everything that we put on our body - whether clothing fibers or the lotions and shampoos we apply daily, so sustainable beauty is something that we all should start paying attention to. I've had some amazing conversations with beauty experts from brands like Maven Made and Beautycounter - As well as most recently, a conversation on sustainable hair care with my friend Maria and Davines eco-friendly products

There are many long-time and emerging brands for safe hair care, makeup, and every day products like lotions and perfumes. But the fibers that go onto our skin with our clothes and towels also matter in our daily routines. I recently became aware of Lakeshore Dry Goods, a company focused on providing responsibly made items for your beauty care - specifically organic cotton towels. Check out today's post to learn more about how we can think differently on this part of our sustainable practice!


Inspired by a beauty tip in a magazine to reuse an old t-shirt to dry your hair as a gentle alternative to a traditional towel, Lakeshore Dry Goods' Sunrise Bliss towels were created. Based out of Petoskey, Michigan, the company has curated a line of ethically made t-shirt hair towels made from 100% organic cotton. The attention to detail and fabric choice creates a soft and absorbent hair towel that reduces breakage, frizz and tangles. 

All towels are ethically made in New York in a small manufacturer that provides living wages and safe working conditions. At one point, the products were made locally in Detroit, but with increased production for wholesale business to shops and salons, Lakeshore Dry Goods saw the need to expend to a larger ethical cut and sew manufacturer in the Bronx. This ability to share these production details displays the transparency and responsibility that the brand takes within their product - they care not only about safe fibers but also the safety of those who create them.

The towels are offered in multiple prints for your preference and can be used for other things like fitness, travel and camping.


Organic cotton is a type of developed cotton fiber that is grown, picked and processed without any use of chemicals, pesticides or unsafe practices that typically goes into picking traditional cotton. Lakeshore Dry Goods creates their t-shirt towels from GOTS- certified organic cotton (monitored regulations from the organization of Global Organic Textile Standard) and finished with low impact dyes to ensure that the product you are using is safe and practical to use. 

Many sustainable brands are choosing to source and use manufacturers that are growing and selling organic cotton in order to lower their cotton footprint and protect the environment in the long run.

*you can find out a bit more on fabrics and fibers through the Ethical Style Collective's fiber series.


After being gifted 2 of these t-shirt hair towels, I've been able to use these after a shower and have to admit that the soft and gentle nature of the towels feel better than a traditional cotton or terrycloth one at home! With my thick hair, the towel still takes some time to dry well, but I am now consistently reaching for one of these after showering. And not only is this product eco-friendly, it's also created in an interlock knit ensuring that it will not stretch out or curl at the edges - and it's true! Overall, these towels are lightweight, comfortable and come in 2 different sizes depending on your preference. I highly recommend!

The Green Polka Dot Hair Towel - Vibrant green adds some color to your beauty routine - color is printed on one side of fabric with a light blue stitch

The Grey Stripe Hair Towel - A simple, minimal striped towel print for every day use - I've been reaching for this one daily!

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This post is sponsored by Lakeshore Dry Goods. The product was personally tested and all opinions are my own!