Practicing Sustainable Hair Care

Along with ethical and sustainable clothing, beauty has been at the top of my list when focusing on mindful care in all areas of our lives. Because the more I learn about the beauty industry, the more aware I become of the importance in safe ingredients and transparent and organic brands in order to stay away from many harmful chemicals and products that can do damage to our body over time. Enter - sustainable hair care.


I recently teamed up with a friend and hair stylist, Maria Adley, to explore sustainability in hair products and beauty care. Maria works for a local salon in Richmond called 1213 Hair Studio, that recently made a switch to all sustainable hair care products. It's perfect timing because I've been exploring different brands over the last few months for responsible beauty and love getting recommendations from others in the industry! Some of my favorites have been Maven Made, Herbivore, and Beautycounter. And now, Davines - a sustainable hair-care company creating eco-friendly, non-toxic hair care products like shampoo + conditioner, color dyes and styling products.

The more I read and hear from the experts, the more I believe that we need to pay attention to what we use in our daily routines. Sustainable hair care is important because it's a daily practice that can affect our skin and bodies for years to come. Check out some information on what you should know about Davines and hear from Maria on hair care, Davines and sustainable beauty.


Davines focuses on sustainability in their products to minimize impact on the environment as well as work towards being a transparent company with years of focus on better production, design and ingredients. As a family owned company founded back in 1983, in Parma Italy, they have decades of growth, research and product knowledge within the industry. And it definitely shows through the information they provide with their sustainability journey, vision and knowledge for hair care. Whenever possible, Davines chooses natural, eco-certified or organic ingredients for their products. They also "...believe it is important to ensure that basic ethical principles are followed along the supply chain during all stages of the process to make the ingredient." With these types of goals, the company is continuously working on programs for renewable energy and researching better ingredients, better care for the environment and long-term practices as a company. 

Personally, after using the product and researching the brand, I've definitely become a fan of Davines. Although there is still much to learn to understand ingredients, eco-friendly beauty practices, etc, I would recommend Davines to anyone looking for safer hair care - especially because of the B-corp certification, lack of parabans and sulfates in their product and the conscious efforts they're taking to better their industry. 

What's a B-Corp?

Davines is a certified B-corp company paying attention to their creating process with the highest quality ingredients and respect for the environment. A B-corp is a certification that ensures standards are met for environmental "performance, public transparency, and legal accountability, [with aspirations] to use the power of markets to solve social and environmental problems." The B-corp recognition has been growing within the sustainable industry in all industries across the globe to create mindful guidelines to lessen carbon footprint. And with this accountability, companies like Davines can help guarantee their authentic work towards bettering their industry as well as customer health and environmental impact. 

The products used : 

I was able to take home some product to use consistently in my every day routine and I've been pleasantly surprised by the consistent results, great smells and long lasting effects throughout my day. I would highly recommend these - and just to note, this is not a sponsored post, all opinions of the products + company are my own.

OI Shampoo - A wonderful shampoo for de-frizzing and smooth daily results. I love this Roucou oil based cleanser because of it's light weight and ability to break down any build up.

OI Conditioner - a great condensed conditioner to be used in very minimal amounts for long lasting product. Smells natural and leaves hair hydrated and silky smooth. Seriously - this is my favorite conditioner I've ever used!

OI All in One Milk - A detangling, smoothing styling product to use right after wash/towel dry that helps for long lasting soft hair. 

OI Oil - An anti frizz and shining oil based for styling with heat after wash. Although oil based, it does not leave hair feeling oily throughout the day and smells amazing!


I chatted with Maria Adley of 1213 Hair Studio to unravel questions about sustainability, hair care and the salon's purpose for choosing their Davines products

How do you bring sustainability to your work at 1213 Hair STUDIO?

I bring sustainability to the salon by using Davines. Davines is a sustainable beauty company focused on quality hair care products. It’s the only product and color line we use on clients and carry for retail because of our belief in it and its results.

Why did the salon decide to switch to a full line of sustainable products?

At 1213 Hair Studio, product integrity has always been a focus of their mission. Choosing Davines aligned with their beliefs that products should be made from identifiable ingredients that still produce good results. I feel so good knowing a great company is standing behind the team here at 1213, supporting what we do day in and day out. The studio strives to move forward with the industry, and being a more eco friendly salon is definitely important to all of us. Davines has a [focus towards] zero carbon footprint by replenishing the earth’s natural resources that it takes to make the products. They also use recyclable materials for packaging, and they give back to the farmers that help source their ingredients. Davines is a wonderfully compassionate company that is making a difference in the world of hair. Now we are a part of it!

What do you love about the Davines products? And why do they make a difference in your work?

The Davines products produce desired results for hair. The color is vibrant and long-lasting. The Volu Mist leaves the hair volumized without residue. The Oi Oil leaves the hair shiny and smooth. Furthermore, I love how transparent they are about their ingredients. You can actually find online an A to Z list of all their ingredients, what they do, and in what products they are found. I love that the products are made for everyone. The Essential Haircare line is not gender specific, which I think is a really great idea. The scents are delicious and appealing to most palettes. Since switching to Davines, being at the salon has become an even more relaxing, spa like experience. There are fewer chemical smells, and most of my clients have taken notice. 

Why are sustainable hair products important to you?

It is important to me to use a sustainable product line because it helps counteract the inherent waste that the hair industry produces. We encounter endless amounts of waste from shampoo and conditioner bottles, empty product containers, and empty color tubes. Davines is changing the norm in the industry by encouraging salons to recycle and by making their containers out of recyclable material. They go to great lengths to ensure they are using a high concentration of recyclables and as few raw materials as possible. It’s so important because the waste from the products you use regularly can compound very quickly. Becoming more conscious of this, and putting more thought into how you approach what you use on daily basis, is really powerful and can turn normally wasteful products into reusable materials.

What tips do you want to provide to someone making the switch over to sustainable hair care?

Be adventurous and start small! When one of your hair or beauty products runs out try replacing it with one that is more sustainable or organic. A good place to start is by thinking about what products you use daily. Everything you use builds up over time, not only in your body but also on this beautiful planet!

What is one thing you’d want people to know about healthy beauty care?

I want people to know that healthy beauty is not as daunting as it may seem and that it is so, so important! The skin is the largest organ, and it absorbs everything you put on your body. There is so much information out there about healthy, sustainable, natural beauty that is good for you and the environment. I love talking about this, so if you ever have questions and find yourself in my chair, feel free to ask away!

What other insight do you have into sustainable beauty?

Over the past few years I’ve become more committed to using only organic skincare in everything from moisturizers to cleansers. It’s taken a long time to make the full switch as sustainable companies with organic ingredients are typically a little more expensive, but it’s definitely been worth it. I am learning that there are many small independently owned companies with a commitment to safe beauty. Seek inspiration through blogs and Instagram and you will find a wealth of information from like-minded people!

In Richmond? Visit the 1213 Hair Studio and book an appointment with Maria -
she's an amazing stylist and you'll be able to test out the Davines product!