Responsible Feature : Sathi by Freeset USA

One of the fashion categories that can be most difficult to shop for are hand bags - purses, totes, clutches, duffles, wallets. So many factors goes into what makes a perfect bag for each one of us - the practicality, the style, the fit. I've become so skeptical of purchasing hand bags that I've only purchased 2 purses over the last 6 years - a large tote from Everlane and an old faux-leather over-the-shoulder from Urban Outfitters. But in the past few weeks, I've gotten to partner and test out a new canvas tote from Sathi by Freeset USA. Let's just say, I'm not only impressed by the quality, but by the mission behind the organization which makes a mere bag purchase, matter.


The verified non-profit, Freeset USA, is designed to provide ethically made staples created in communities around the world by people needing dignified employment for empowerment and sustainable life-giving opportunities. The non-profit brand is verified by the Fair Trade Federation and holds close a mission to help communities live a life of freedom - their medium is products that are environmentally friendly, high quality and useful for people all over the world. 


The non-profit works in 2 ways - through the production of the product that you see on their site and through volunteer, giving and community involvement projects. They work hard in partnering with those who encompass their same values - to provide sustainable life-giving opportunities in global communities that are oppressed by industries of human and sex trafficking. The company works closely with other organizations like DressemberFree the SlavesJustice Ventures InternationalFreedom Center, and Red Tent to continue working towards this goal of long lasting community change - provision of sustainable jobs, ethical production and overall, economic reform.

Other ways to get involved with their mission is to read up about their impact in India that could lead you to even visit with their brand of employees. You are able to donate and volunteer for various events throughout the year. Freeset USA also has a non-profit partner, Tamar, that provides health, literacy, economic, educational, and emotional support services to those Freeset employees in West Bengal, India.

Freeset in India exists to “offer employment to people who’ve been marginalized by society. They’ve strategically placed their facilities in communities written off by society because Freeset believes these communities deserve to live a life of freedom.”



Not only do they care about social change, Freeset USA goes even fruther in providing customers insight into their supply chain in order to normalize the information we should know about who made our products, how it was made and where it comes from. On their supply chain page, you'll find information about these factors as well as their values within each one - the why behind brand and community empowerment.

Each product category (bags, t-shirts, kitchen towels) is broken down by where fabric and textiles is sourced, what country their manufacturers are working in, how they are cut and sewn and any other relevant details - which is so important in building out transparency within ethical and sustainable brands. As well as showing how deeply they care about the hands and materials behind each product + purchase. When we as customers are able to learn about this information directly on the website, we can trust and learn more about how much goes into making our products and what makes up a brands behind-the-scenes.


Recently, Freeset USA came out with the collection, Sathi, in order to provide practical, sustainably made bags to add to your every day wardrobe. I was able to test out The Portrait Tote from their Sathi Collection. Within the collection, they offer 6 different options in totes, crossbody bags and backpacks. These styles are all composed of similar features like water-resistant, waxed canvas exterior with a durable canvas interior that holds up to wear and tear. The totes have double-sided vegetable tanned leather handles and each bag has some sort of interior or exterior pockets. 

I chose the Portrait Tote because I was looking for a bag that could hold an assortment of items, was simple in style and could be taken on-the-go whether traveling or every day errands. For the look of the tote, I love the raw canvas finishing that creates an uneven texture and worn coloring - perfect for those of us who do not go easy on our handbags. The sturdy straps and durable condition of the bag make it easy to use along with the practical pockets and dependable straps. (Although I will note that the straps are a bit longer on this tote which over time, can cause some strain in your shoulders and back if you're carrying items that are too heavy.)

The bag is practical and encompasses the brands values of implementing quality manufacturing and environmental sustainability. And overall, I highly recommend checking out Sathi and Freeset USA - the bags and other products are responsibly made, practical, timeless and durable for your life's activities. I now use mine every day for work and love it!




This post was sponsored by Sathi by Freeset USA. The product was personally tested and all opinions are my own!