Responsible Feature : Power of My People

Getting to explore new brands and their stories is one of the best parts of the ethical and sustainable fashion industry. Each company has a valuable mission with inspiring individuals behind the scenes that are making huge impacts within their circles and communities. This week's brand feature, Power of My People, is no different. With a goal to create "steadfast essentials for you to build your stories in", they are one to know and follow along with for simple and achievable responsible style.


Founded in 2015, makers Jessica and Kyle started from scratch in creating their brand, Power of My People, with a goal in mind to provide men and women timeless shirting that fit perfectly. Their creation story starts with making each garment by hand in order to provide shirts designed to be a part of your wardrobe staples. With that humble, intentional start, they've grown into crafting hundreds of uniquely cut, ethically made shirts for work or play. It's evident with this foundation, that the brand is an example that clothes are not meant to be worn and thrown out, but rather, they are a commodity we must take care of as the investment they are.


Because Power of My People started through perfecting their well fitting, durable and timeless shirt for multiple occasions, it went through many stages for standards of perfection. A reliable fit was always important so Jessica and Kyle started by cutting fabric on their apartment floor, sewing and finishing the garments themselves - with some taking up to 18 hours to construct. From there, the brand has grown in manufacturing their shirts ethically and sustainably in a factory in Vancouver, Canada and "will never get tired of watching the skillful technicians who make our shirts now, at the speed in which they make them, while achieving a standard of quality we are proud of."

Along with time consuming construction and production, the team has gone one step further to ensure comfort and timelessness by creating 3 unique fits for their shirts. After 6 moths of development, the styles are there to choose from - Women's Proper Fit, Men's Proper Fit and the Wayward Fit. These fits and styles adhere to what you need for your wear and to ensure correct sizing and styling.

  • Women's Proper Fit: A Classic straight fit with refined proportions.
  • Men's Proper Fit: A standard fit that bridges the gap between casual and office appropriate.
  • Wayward Fit: A loose fit with added length, made in short sleeve for Men and both long and short sleeve for Women. 



THE FRIEND - WAYWARD FIT ($127.65 USD // $165 CAD)


I was able to try out the brand's short-sleeve button down shirt, The Friend. I was drawn to this style because of the natural fabric that it's made from (linen), the oversized fit, and the transitional style that is perfect for work - and I wasn't disappointed! The boxy fit is unique and able to be paired with items already in your wardrobe.

Like this style, each shirt is designed with a fit in mind and is detailed across the site. This style is created in their Wayward Fit, which is a looser, longer styling. I briefly mentioned these details above, but you can find more about their sizing and styles here. For the overall fit, the style runs large and the brand advises to size down for a closer fit. From trying out the style, the fit is still oversized when going down so if you do desire a looser fit, choose your normal size although I do recommend sizing down.


With The Friend's oversized fit, lightweight and breathable material, the style is perfect for warmer months as well as layerable for winter season if you're thinking ahead. The details on the shirt are large chest pockets, looser short-sleeves that fall above your elbows and a soft collared neckline. The style, as well as many others from the brand, can be tucked in, worn out or tied at the waist.


I've loved adding this item to my wardrobe because of the ease it can match with other items. The ivory color, linen fabric for the warmer months and oversized fit is perfect for work or day-time wear. This top is perfect to be paired with denim or over a dress depending on the occasion.

Styled here with Everlane Wide Leg Crop Pant in Bone. 

We believe that you don’t need to be an environmentalist to save the world, a fine artist to inspire others, or an activist to create social change. People do their best work when they’re having a good time, and through that work you have the power to make an impact.
— Power of My People

This post was sponsored by Power of My People. The product was personally tested and all opinions are my own!