How to Wear Your Wide Leg Pants

Let's start by saying, I was very skeptical of the wide leg pant when they were coming back in style this year. The wide leg has been cycled through as fashionable for decades, but I wasn't sure if I could pull them off... then I got my first pair and understood the craze.

They're extremely comfy high waisted pant, go with majority of tops you probably own in your closet and are surprisingly flattering on all shapes + sizes! This style pant may be considered a "trendy" style, but I think they're a perfect look for any time of year. If you're in the market, I highly recommending getting yourself a pair of wide leg pants.


All of my chosen paired looks for the wide leg pant naturally lean towards a more casual style because I rarely have to dress up for work or during the day for on-the-go meetings and tasks.

Some natural pairings that I typically choose with my Everlane Wide Leg Crop can be seen in the images below. I typically pair tucked in tops that can be layered with jackets or accessories. I love adding a simple v-neck or long sleeve under a denim jacket for layerable looks. As well as pairing items like a cotton turtleneck or sweater under any loved jacket or cardigan. For other pairings, I typically choose comfy items already in my wardrobe like a simple flannel knotted at the waist-line or even a cropped, boxy sweater. This is an easy choice to throw on that makes any outfit look put-together.


  • Tucked-in button down: This can help dress up your wide leg pants for a day of work or evening event that you're attending. 
  • Pants can be paired with oversized long sleeves or sweaters that can be tucked in, as well as any cropped long-sleeve tops for high waisted styles.
  • A tucked in blouse is perfect for a date night and can be paired with heeled boots for the cooler seasons.
  • Don't be afraid to mix colors and patterns with your tops! Choose stripes, checks, polka dots, florals, etc for fun versatile looks on different occasions. These switch ups will help avoid feeling that you're over-wearing the wide leg.
  • Always add a turtleneck. This is my go-to for any cool day!


The wide leg pant is a very neutral style that surprisingly looks great with a lot. Accessories to can be a variety of shoes as well as scarves, hats, jewelry, and bags. 

  • Tennis shoes for casual wear
  • Heeled boots for formal attire
  • Shoes like mules or slides for work + the transitional weather seasons
  • Quick neck scarves can dress up the wide leg pant with anything
  • Pair with a clutch for evening events and date nights
  • Add wool scarves, statement earrings and cozy hats to change up the look in Fall
  • Wear with a long trench or peacoat for the Winter season

Ultimately, you should always pair what you own and what you feel comfortable with in creating an outfit that feels most like you! Responsible style is all about being smart with your purchases and staying true to what you love for the long-run rather than what's trendy. If wide leg pants aren't for you, then that's okay!

But if they are (and I believe they're worth a try)... here are some brands that are selling some awesome style choices...


  • Everlane Wide Leg Crop Pant ($68) : I own a pair of this navy crop wide leg and love the fit and style of the pant. They're a comfortable fabric for all activities whether wearing them on-the-go or sitting at a desk.
    Note : The crop falls right at my ankle because of my short height, but if you're taller than 5'3", the crop will fall a bit above that length (Check out The Everlane Guide for more details).
  • Brass Culottes ($82) : Another version of the culotte (shorter trousers), this style pant is a great option for a more formal pair of wide leg pants. The fabric + fit will help dress up any outfit and can be paired with heels or boots appropriate for the season!
  • VETTA Culottes ($119) : VETTA creates their pieces with a capsule wardrobe in mind - that being that you can always wear any of their items in a variety of different ways. This pant style can be worn differently because of their detachable suspenders. 
    IMBY Trouser ($122) : This fabric can be compared to a legging style. The pants are a great wide leg compliment to cozy outfits and running errands around town. Pair with simple tops and flannel button downs for a completed look. 
  • Matter Prints Wide Leg ($129) : Made from sustainable organic cotton, Matter Prints creates this wide leg pant and several others to be eco-friendly. This pant is a great option for those that want something for a leisure style.
  • Only Child Wide Leg Pant ($198) : The Only Child style is created to be a trouser that can be dressed up for work or events. The high-rise style, thick and durable fabric, and color choices would be perfect for anyone looking for work-appropriate pants.
  • Amour Vert Odyssey Pant ($220) : Amour Vert creates + sources organic and fair trade styles and this wide leg pant from Kowtow is a great option to wear to work or dress up for a more formal event. 
  • Esby Wide Leg Jean ($275) : This Made in the USA selvedge denim is a great option for a denim wide leg. The beautiful color wash and durability are long-lasting for the price and can be dressed up to work with heeled boots for the winter season.


Check out a few different complimentary styles that can pair well with your wide leg pants. Think specific tops, jewelry, hats, earrings and more.