Sustainable Holiday Gift Wrapping

We are conditioned in our daily lives to be wasteful - from the plastic we throw away, food we don't eat and the useful materials we simply don't use. One of the intentions we can always work towards is to be more sustainably minded - To be attentive to what is used daily in our lives (whether that is clothing, food or other materials) and how to improve on what can be recycled or reused. Because once you start focusing on sustainability in one area of your life, you start seeing it in every aspect - especially the items that get thrown away and others that are piling up in rooms around the house. All in all, the more intentional sustainability we put towards our wardrobe, the more we can focus on bettering the life time of all goods.

This holiday season, one of the ways we can focus on practicing sustainability is gift wrapping for the holiday season. And although the holiday seasons are a time of giving and inevitably consuming, we can each do our part in being sustainable in the way we buy for others, ourselves and the materials we use.

Here are some ways to practice sustainability for holiday gift wrapping.

Reuse old bags - Keeping those brown bags from the grocery store or clothing bags you get after a purchase at pretty much any retailer can be a perfect way to be sustainable. Saving these bags comes in handy when recycling through gifts, travel and even bagged lunches. If you haven't been saving these in a place around the home, I definitely recommend doing it! They come in handy!

Reuse old tissue paper - This may seem like an age old tradition, but keeping tissue paper saves money and keeps your gift sustainable in reusing something that is still useful! I've gotten in the habit of folding and keeping these small paper items in my closet in order to use for gifts around the holidays but also times like birthdays, baby/bridal showers and more.

Buy recycled paper to wrap - If you want to purchase new wrapping paper or holiday bags, check tags on the packaging. There are many options that create paper out of waste material in order to keep things in use and prevent paper waste.

Be resourceful for gift tags or cards - Recycle and use cards and materials at home to make gift tags or cards for loved ones. This could be an extra strip of wrapping paper or cards that have been sitting around your home, just waiting to be mailed to someone! Always double check what you already own before purchasing a new item, even in the card department.

Skip the wrapping - There definitely is a fun surprise in wrapping and unwrapping a gift, but if you have a loved one that does not find this needed, give your gift as is! This prevents paper waste, saves time and still thoughtful in the gift and love you provide!


RecapPING your sustainable gift wrapping.

  1. Recycle Recycle Recycle

  2. If possible, there's no need to wrap your gift!

  3. Buy and give with no plastic! (think tags, wrapping and item)

  4. Use what you have at home - old shopping bags, boxes, tissue paper.

  5. Buy wrapping paper made out of recycled materials