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Some of my favorite parts of running The Good Wear blog are following along with amazing companies that are creating ripples in the fashion industry to give back and better communities around the world. Check out the brand, TO THE MARKET, who is impacting communities around the world selling handmade goods through through their online market place.


The mission behind the brand is to economically empower vulnerable women through artisan enterprise. Something I think we can all get behind!


The women who partner with TO THE MARKET (TTM) are those who have overcome perils of abuse, conflict, and disease. The brand works to help equip these hard working, resilient women with economic independence while raising awareness of the challenges that they face.

The women creating each item are from countries around the world like Haiti, India, Guatemala, Uganda, Jordan, and several others. Which means they employ these women in their home towns, at fair wages, and sell their high quality product to give back to said communities. This then comes full circle to provide a sustainable lifestyle to break cyclical poverty and overcome challenges that can be avoided with income, education and hope.

*An artisan is someone who is skilled in a trade, especially one that involves making things by hand.



Because of the location and varying skills of all of TTM's artisans, the brand offers a wide range of products - which creates a perfect go-to spot to cover all the ethically made products you may need this holiday season, as well as year round. You'll find beaded jewelry, leather bags, kid's toys, home goods, paper goods, beauty products and even a few apparel items.


TTM's Horn Collection is handmade by the artisans located in Haiti, who craft one-of-a-kind, upcycled cow horn into these beautiful and unique jewelry charms. The bangle is then made of hammered brass and mixed metal by women in India. Purchasing an item like this collection means that you give back to this global mission, help financially support these artisans and purchase high quality, lasting product. Check out the 4 pieces below!


The Good Wear blog is so passionate about companies like TO THE MARKET because of the intentionality and purpose behind the brand and mission. It's evident that TTM values the women and communities that are behind their product and will work extra hard to ensure that the credit and finances are provided fairly. We often do not know who makes our clothing or jewelry, but with every item we wear, there was at least one set of hands behind it. I love getting to know a passionate company who knows those hands and promotes products to be able to employ, value and assist those who need a voice and a platform to sell their work and share their story.

So be sure to check out TO THE MARKET and invest a little time reading up about who they are and what they do. Your purchases matter!

Transparency in Practice : 
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