Responsible Feature : Leave Nothing But Footprints

One of my favorite parts of the ethical and sustainable fashion industry is the commitment in creating clothing that is eco-friendly as well as sharing the importance of why these efforts matter. I love coming across a brand that is transparent in the fabrics they choose, how they're working to continue towards excellence and why it matters within our wardrobes. The brand, Leave Nothing But Footprints does just that. With their comfortable, soft and simple items, they are taking on sustainable style one season at a time.


About LNBF

Leave Nothing But Footprints was founded in Toronto in 2007 to combine flattering and timeless silhouettes with environmentally conscious and luxurious fabrics. They aimed to create product that was eco-friendly, ethically made, and organic when possible. They're on a mission to "empower our generation to create a sustainable world for future generations - starting with the clothes we wear." The clothing produced by LNBF is designed to be functional, breathable and comfortable for any activity you are doing. But they don't just stop there with clothing, in recent years, LNBF has also included a collection of eco-friendly home bedding, sheets and duvet sets. These are the fabrics that we come into contact each day and they are those that should be comfortable, eco-friendly and safe for our skin. 

And with over 10 years of impact within the industry, LNBF partners with non-profits to continue promoting eco-friendly lifestyles within our homes, closets and work. They are on a mission to empower others to pursue these values and even have created the $500 Earth Award to recognize a woman who has made a significant contribution to her community. With these values and goals, LNBF is a brand to know.


LNBF is focused on creating product made from eco-friendly fabrics that are sustainable, lightweight and breathable. They create their clothing and home goods from 2 main fabrics - Viscose Bamboo and Organic Cotton. Both fibers are grown and picked in more eco-friendly ways with less water usage during the farming and production stages as well as little to no chemical or pesticide contamination. These are important to creating more sustainable practices within clothing production to protect the land that crops like cotton is grown on as well as the potentially toxic chemicals that can be transferred to our bodies from our clothes.


The bamboo fiber that LNBF uses is  is certified organic by OCIA (The Organic Crop Improvement Association). The mills that they use during production have a “closed-loop process which re-uses the chemicals and byproducts created during manufacturing to prevent any toxic chemicals from being released into the environment."


Another fiber that LNBF uses is Organic Cotton. This crop is naturally grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Traditionally grown cotton does not have regulations again these types of methods while the crop is being harvested and therefore can ruin farm land over time wherever cotton is grown. Organic cotton may be a slower process, but it's better for our environment as well as our skin - "Organic farming methods allow soils to naturally replenish, which protects the health of the soil, the groundwater and the biological cycles."

Read more about their fabrics.


Gracie Crewneck Tee ($39.99) - One of my favorite tees I've ever worn, this white crewneck short sleeve is perfect for Spring and Summer as well as layerable for the cooler months. Although on the pricier side from a traditional tee, I would recommend this for every penny. The fabric is soft and breathable with enough weight that the shirt is not see through - a very important factor when choosing a basic white tee! Because of the intentionally soft fabric that's good for the skin, it's comfortable to wear for all occasions. And with the style is not too form fitting and runs a little loose, therefore perfect to be worn as casual wear or dressed up for work with a blazer or tucked into a skirt. Runs TTS - size down if you want more fitted.

Andrea Crossover Long Tunic ($79.99) - A beautiful and unique piece, the Crossover Long Tunic is a fun sleeveless item for the season. With the funky silhouette, but simple crewneck look, this piece is great to be dressed up for work or worn casually for the day. I loved getting to try this item out as it's a bit different from what I'd usually wear - but it's comfortable and well fitting, especially when paired with some favorite denim - plus, there's pockets. Runs TTS.

Camille A-Line Tank Dress ($84.99) - A casual and feminine silhouette, this basic a-line dress is perfect for causal Spring wear. Although not my first choice in style, this dress is perfect for someone who throws on casual dresses daily as it's comfortable and can be paired with my different items like a denim jacket, sweater or blazer. The sea green coloring is very soft and creates a more 'girly' style of wear - I would recommend a darker color for all of you paler skinned gals out there, like me! Overall, it's a comfortable dress made from an extremely comfortable and breathable fabric that's perfect for warm months. Runs TTS.

Our vision is to inspire people to live a sustainable lifestyle by choosing apparel that is both fashionable and environmentally conscious. From the clothing we wear, to the choices we make, we hope you will live consciously with this mantra in mind: to ‘Leave Nothing But Footprints’


This post is sponsored by Leave Nothing But Footprints. The product was personally tested and all opinions are my own!