Favorite Vintage Shops to Discover Online


Why Shop Vintage?

Whether shopping online or in-store, vintage can be the best solution to find unique and timeless pieces for your wardrobe. In the past few decades, there had been a stigma about shopping second hand - that it was dirty or unwanted items. But things are turning around as more and more people realize the gift of a well made, comfortable, unique item.

Here in Richmond, vintage and second hand shops are all around town which makes it easy to find these pieces. But there are so many unique items to find around the world, so here are a few of my favorite online vintage shops to follow along with.


The Stores

1919 Vintage - A favorite Etsy shop to follow for vintage staple items - classic skirts, dresses, pants, leather goods, blouses, bags and more. You can truly outfit your wardrobe through this shop with minimal prints, classic silhouettes and neutral color schemes.

Shop Stressed - With a deep respect for vintage and handmade goods, shop owner Teah curates a monochromatic collection of apparel, bags, jewelry and home goods. Each week, there are new drops of vintage finds on Instagram (@shopstressed) and online for you to shop - also a great follow for style inspiration!

Passport Vintage - For colorful patterns, vintage denim, tees and fun items that will last in your wardrobe, @passportvintage is a favorite for reliable purchases and funky style.

Woven Folk - I’ve ordered a few items from this small online shop - owner @rubyellenbratcher, finds unique, feminine and timeless pieces to wear. Ranging from petite dresses to blouses and jumpsuits, this is a fun account to follow along and keep watch for those specific hard-to-find pieces that you may be searching for!

Na Nin Vintage - Starting back in 2009, Na Nin Vintage curates beautiful vintage pieces for all occasions. You’ll find pre-loved blazers, sweaters, denim, blouses and more - plus this is yet another account (@naninvintage) to follow along with for style inspiration.

Adored Vintage - One of my recent favorite shops to follow along with on instagram (@adoredvintage), this is a reliable shop for bohemian styled vintage clothing as well as complimentary jewelry and accessory pieces.


Tips for shopping online

  1. Have a tape measure handy - it’s helpful to know your measurements as most vintage sizing will be a little different from modern. Many brands and sellers will try to provide a conversion chart for comparison, but it’s always helpful to be precise when purchasing online.

  2. Know the list of items missing from your wardrobe - shopping vintage, especially online, will take some time to search through items available since most of them are one of a kind. So having a list of an item or items you’re looking for will help save time and hopefully help budget for those timeless items!

  3. Vintage can be an investment - make sure you have that expectation when purchasing online! Because of the long term quality, craftsmanship for the garment and resell value, the garments can be expected at a higher price point. But with a vintage purchase, there’s a stronger guarantee the item will last within your wardrobe for years to come.