Restyle Your Summer Dress for Fall

Rewearing styles from season to season is a perfect way to practice responsible style. If you have a dress that you love for one season, you just might be able to keep wearing it all year long. So if you're thinking about packing away those dresses, ask yourself...

  1. Do I love this dress?
  2. Do I have items that can be paired for winter - like sweaters, cardigans, jackets?
  3. Can I try and pair these items for new outfits?

Our first instinct during a changing season tends to lean towards putting away our warm weather clothes to switch out for those cozy sweaters and pants. But there are a lot of items that you can wear year round - the key is knowing what works best for you and always layering! So let's rewear our loved items and restyle our dresses...

Tip 1 : Wear a long sleeve shirt -or- turtleneck underneath your dress

You can find me wearing turtlenecks majority of this season and they are a perfect addition to restyling a dress. You can pair this top under a dress as season below, or paired over top depending on the summer dress you own. 
This option will allow your outfit to be versatile and re-wearable in multiple ways. It's a perfect look for work, event or date night! And more than likely, you own both of these styles in your closet already!

Tip 2 : Layer with jackets

This restyling option is so easy! You can pear a denim jacket, blazer or leather jacket over your summer dress to make it easy to wear for the Fall and Winter months.
If you need extra warmth? Pair tights, tall boots and layers by rewearing a long sleeve undershirt or sweater!


Tip 3 : Pair with a sweater

Another easy option as majority of us own multiple sweaters for the cool months. Pair your sweater over a dress for a boxier, more casual look.



  • Button Down - An item we all own and can be worn year round to mix up outfits
    Try : Pairing it over a dress or jumper by tying at the waist.
  • Knotted Sweater / Long Sleeve
    Accentuate your waist with a belt or by knotting it (simply pull excess fabric at waist, spin and knot!)
  • Skirts - Another item typically viewed for Spring + Summer. Skirts can be paired with many items for a variety of occasions. 
    Try : Denim skirt with oversized sweaters, tights and boots.
  • Mix up your shoe choices
    These can be tennis shoes, boots, heels, or flats. All are possible pairings to dress up or down your winter outfits!
  • Wear Tights + Leggings : a key piece to stay warm in rewearing your summer styles!
  • Add accessories - hats, scarves and jewelry