Fall for Nisolo

Nisolo is a favorite ethical brand of The Good Wear and one of the first I was introduced to a few years ago. Based in Nashville, Nisolo is one of many responsible fashion companies popping up in the southern city. Brands like Elizabeth Suzann, FashionABLE, Consider the Wildflowers and several others all call it home. But what stands out about Nisolo is their style influence and creation of timeless trends with their leather shoes, accessories and jewelry. Time and time again, this company continues to put out high quality product as well as ethical fashion content. In this, they do an incredible job at advocating for the industry, promoting transparency across all supply chain avenues and are always working to improve for their customers + supporters.

“Intentionally designed. Ethically made. Fairly priced.”
— Nisolo


THEY'RE CONSISTENT : I started following along with Nisolo some time ago and their content, branding, product AND transparency have always been extremely consistent throughout the years and seasons. Nisolo knows who they are, what they can offer and sticks to styles that are consistent and timeless.

HIGH QUALITY : The brand is also high-quality. Potential customers (like you) may look at the brand and label it 'too expensive' or 'not for me right now', but in reality they are offering extremely fair prices for the product quality, labor, and materials that they're able to offer - especially in their shoes! They provide resources to keep and love your shoes well (see FAQ here). Nisolo is producing real leather goods that can last a life time. 

THEY GIVE BACK : Nisolo is founded in communities that were in need of economic development, community impact and long term stability for individuals and families. Nisolo has invested in the lives of factory workers in Peru and Mexico to produce high quality merchandise at a fair living wage and fair working conditions; therefore creating an ability to support livelihood. The company ensures safe practices in production, ethically sourced materials for each product, and clean working conditions. This focus + transparency allows the company to give back to their employees as well as ensuring customers that this is one of their main values - social impact (they even put out an annual impact report on their site).


1) They are a leading industry influencer and action-taker for ethical fashion.
Going along with the 3 reasons to love Nisolo, a reason to shop would be that they are a leader in the ethics of everyday fashion and responsible style. They create timeless pieces for your wardrobe that tell the story of the maker, provide fair livable wages, and a sustainable community in countries around the world. They're conscious about their company impact and continue to work towards transparency to be a better company in this broken industry.

2) They don't slack on quality.
Nisolo is continually working towards versatile, comfort and quality in all of their products. They create classics that are able to be worn to a variety of occasions for years to come. They stay away from wasteful material practices and attempt to love the goods they have on hand as much as possible - just like we are trying to do in our own personal closets! No matter the scale, when the brand cares about timeless quality, you know you're getting something good for your dollar.

3) They have a major seasonal sale going on right now on highlighted items from their co-founders.
Seriously. This is a big deal because, although they do have some price cuts at the end of the season, Nisolo rarely does actual sales! The styles up for grabs that are up to 30% off are some of the best! Personally, I'm ordering some of their boots because of the quality and reviews from others on how long their shoes actually last and how great they feel!
*The sale ENDS TODAY, Oct 24, 2017 at 11:59PM


Want to learn more about the company and mission? Watch Nisolo co-founder, Patrick speak on ethical fashion, transparency and the Nisolo brand in the TED talk below.


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