6 Responsible Style Podcasts to Listen to


We're in the age of podcasts and there are a few that I'd love to share with you. Whether for your morning commute, at home listening pleasure, or in the background at work, these podcasts for you. These 6 episodes (and the overall podcast in general) have been a huge inspiration for The Good Wear. Each individual interviewed has paved an impactful way in the ethical and sustainable industry. They are able to provide incredible insight, reflection and challenges.

Here are the 6 notable episodes from a few of my favorite podcasts.


Proud Mary - Artisan Made vs Ethically Made
What to Expect : All of Conscious Chatter's podcasts are worth a listen. Proud Mary is a favorite brand and I love the insight the founder, Harper Poe, provides through conversation about artisans and production in the ethical fashion industry. 
The Who : Kestrel Jenkins, the creator of Conscious Chatter, works incredibly hard to provide honest conversations between brands, influencers and other companies within the ethical fashion industry. There are so many amazing up-and-coming companies that you can get to know through their stories and missions to impact the world in some unique way.
Listening Time : 31 Minutes


Fast Fashion Question Time 
What to Expect : An awesome podcast to learn more about fast fashion - this is a great episode to listen to regardless if you're a beginner or veteran at shopping ethically. You'll hear a panel of women involved in the industry talk through the fast fashion epidemic and what to do with our consumer habits.
The Who : Clare Press is the creator behind of the Wardrobe Crisis podcast as well as several other ventures in the ethical fashion world - she's been in editorial positions in magazines like Elle and Vogue as well as on the advisory board for Fashion Revolution. Clare brings a knowledgable voice and all episodes are an extremely informative listen.
Listening Time : 52 Minutes


Eileen Fisher
What to Expect : Eileen Fisher was created to solve a problem after not being able to find high quality basics that are made responsibly. You'll hear from the founder, Eileen Fisher speak about pioneering the ethical fashion industry with her timeless styles, sustainable fabrics, safe production processes and continued transparency. This is a brand to know in the industry and Fisher's story is an inspiring one!
The Who : How I built this is created by NPR and all interviews are done by Guy Raz (who has a wonderful podcast voice). The honest, organic conversation between Raz and his interviewees makes the listen fun. And it doesn't hurt that all episodes of How I Built This will leave you inspired to create something for yourself!
Listening Time : 49 Minutes

Patagonia : Yvon Chouinard
What to Expect : Patagonia has been around for 45 years and has been a consistent leader in the sustainable industry in transparency, open conversation about the environment, and always looking for ways to improve, recycle and repair. You'll hear from the founder, Yvon Chouinard talk about his start, vision and process through the creation of Patagonia. 
The Who : *same as above
Listening Time : 28 Minutes


Brother Vellies Founder - Aurora James
What to Expect : A fun, energized and real conversation, Aurora James shares her story about founding Brother Vellies - an ethically made shoe company, with production roots with artisans in Africa, has largely spread in popularity. So much of her story, energy and realness makes you love to continue listening and desire to follow along. These shoes are definitely on my wish list for one day!
The Who : GirlBoss and Nasty Gal founder, Sophia Amoruso created the podcast to tell stories of powerful, leading ladies across all industries! If you're looking for some inspiring listening with diverse interviews, check it out.
Listening Time : 53 Minutes


3 Creative ways to fix fashion's waste problem
What to Expect : A quick listen that helps you get a glimpse of a section of the fashion industry that needs our attention. The speaker, Amit Kalra, talks through the effects of fashion waste, how we're creating it and where we can go from there. The quick presentation is easy to digest and instills some desire to make small changes in our lives that can create a larger impact in the future.
The Who : Ted Talks Daily is created to bring "thought-provoking ideas on every subject imaginable" every day of the week. Similar to Girl Boss, this podcast subscription will bring you a variety of speakers from all industries to be inspired by!
Listening Time : 9 Minutes