5 Every Day Reusable Totes


Many of us having some sort of reusable tote around the home - whether gifted or purchased from stores like Trader Joes, these bags are can be incredibly useful and environmentally friendly. And if you're searching to lessen your use of plastic and paper bags, using reusable totes can be a first simple step to more sustainable habits. Here's a quick list of 5 brands that sell every day reusable totes are creating simple product that makes a large impact through responsible production practices, eco-friendly materials and donations per purchase to local charities. 



Selling bright, colorful and printed bags, BAGGU is one of my favorite recommendations for reusable bags. The company creates their ripstop nylon shopping bag mirrored after a traditional plastic grocery bag to provide a reliable replacement to plastic use. Although Nylon is not a natural fabric,  these bags are an alternative to plastic and ones that, because they are machine washable and rip resistant, can be used for years to come (BAGGU does offer information about their production, environmental practices and recycling program here).  

Price : 

Reusable bags range from $8.00 to $14.00 in a variety of sizes // My tote, seen in the image above, is the $10.00 Standard Baggu (pattern no longer sold)

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The company, FEED Projects was created to provide "...products that would engage people in the fight against hunger in a tangible way." And their reusable totes do just that. All bags are made with environmental, fair labor and safe production practices in mind to ensure that the customer is receiving a responsibly made tote that gives back. Each tote created has a specific purpose for meal donations, like 10 school meals to children in need around the world through organizations like Feeding America and United Nations World Food Programme.

Price :

Canvas style totes range from $28.00 - $98.00 // Each bag gives back to a chosen charity

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Each beautiful 100% organic cotton and fair trade totes from The Tote Project are hand sewn by employed women in India who are survivors of sex trafficking industry. The brand also donates 10% of their gross profits to the charity, Two Wings that benefits survivors of human trafficking in the United States. With a purchase from The Tote Project, you receive an ethically produced reusable bag as well as giving back to those in need.


Traditional tote is $29.99 // Other products are around $20.00

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I was skeptical about this Apolis tote because of the higher price, but it has proven itself to be extremely high quality, durable and useful! Made in Bangladesh, the artisans creating their bags are paid Fair Trade wages and all fibers used are responsibly harvested in Bangladesh. The bags are eco-friendly, waterproof and designed to fit a large amount of goods - up to 135 pounds. I highly recommend the investment if you're on the hunt for a large tote to travel with or take to the grocery store! (Personally, I take mine on-the-go when out of the house for the day to hold books and extra clothes.)

Price :

The Customizable Market Tote is $68.00 // Variety of styles and sizes of the hemp/jute bags available.

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The burlap bags created by The Little Market are designed as fun replacements for your typical paper or plastic bags. Also made by artisans in Bangledesh, the dozens of bags available each have different phrases to choose from for yourself or gift for a loved one. Each jute bag comes in 3 sizes depending on what you need with fun cursive-woven phrases like "packed with love", "cheers" and the name of your favorite city. The Little Market (a non-profit) specializes in providing products made by global artisans that can be a smarter, eco-friendly and safe choice compared to our typical home goods purchase.


The bags range from $10.00 - $14.00 

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