Beautycounter Reviews

I was introduced to Beautycounter a few months ago and it has quickly become one of my favorite brands. The makeup and skincare company, Beautycounter, was created out of a lack of products in the beauty industry that focused on real, true safe ingredients to protect our bodies and our environment. Think, no harmful chemicals, no gross ingredients (did you know a lot of mascaras use tar during production?) and no animal testing.

What I really love about the company is their transparent approach to product ingredients and educational tools that help inform on what goes on and into your skin! After diving into Beautycounter and sustainable beauty, I feel much more in-the-know on how our skin should be taken care of as well as what ingredients are harmful and typically found in our everyday makeup, lotion, shampoos, etc. The company even has a 'Never List' to help you avoid harmful chemicals found in products you may already own. Lastly, another favorite aspect of the company is that Beautycounter also works to lobby our government to pass more laws to keep us safe from the products we use - because apparently the last law passed regarding ingredients in skin care and makeup products was in the 1940's. That's crazy.

Below are some reviews of the products I've tried and hope these help make a decision for what you'd like to experiment with!

*This post is not sponsored and all reviews are my own personal opinions.


I've been able to sample several of Beautycounter's makeup products at home and at hosted Beautycounter consultant gatherings. When trying the product, you'll quickly feel how lightweight everything feels with an ability to work effectively and last all day long. A few briefly tested favorites are the Bronzer and Touch Up Concealer

Here are a few other reviews...

Tint Skin Foundation - 

Powder Blush Duo : I'm very skeptical about blush as it can be a hit-or-miss based on color. Beautycounter offers 3 different blush types and I sampled the Bloom/Tulip color for my skin and it was a great match. With my fair skin, this color duo added a slight rosey tint that looked natural and lasted throughout the day.

Volumizing Mascara : Mascara is a product that I will always wear when I leave the house to go somewhere, so I was so excited when I was able to try this product as it was just released a few weeks ago! Beautycouner sells a normal mascara, and just introduced this Volumizing Mascara as well as the Lengthening Mascara.This product noticeably adds volume and color to my eyes and just as well as others I've tried in the past. A product like this is a bit more expensive than a traditional store-bought mascara because the company puts extra effort to include only safe and chemical free ingredients.



Nourishing Cream Cleanser : Cleansers have been a hard product for me to find. I typically break out from most cleansers (and oils) and this one is sadly no different. I believe the cream is a bit too heavy for my skin and therefore only use it once in a while rather than a nightly cleanser which is recommended. So for those of you with very sensitive skin, this one may not be for you! But if you are looking for a nightly cleanser in replace of one you use, this product is safe and clean for daily usage.

Nourishing Cream Exfoliator : Varying from the cleanser, this exfoliator is soothing and refreshing to cleanse your face 2-3 times a week! It's a rougher texture, which is why you should use it less frequently. I loved getting to try this product out and think it really helps leave your skin feeling smooth for the morning!

Lip Conditioner : One of my ultimate favorites! I've used Beautycounter's lip balm daily and love it. This lip product has the texture of vaseline but stays on much cleaner and smells better with the natural peppermint flavor. Instructed to use this in the morning and night, the conditioner helps smooth lines and moisturize and leaves your lips feeling great. I highly recommended this product for the upcoming cool months and a very simple add into your daily routine.

Rejuvenating Eye Cream : Another favorite that came recommended by many Beautycounter users is this eye cream focused on reducing lines, puffiness and dark circles. It works and is worth the price ($58) as it will last you several months with the little amount you need to use to keep under eyes moisturized! The cream is light, soft and does not leave you feeling oily like some others I have tried in the past. 

Nourishing Night Cream : This moisturizer is amazing for a light cover for face and neck. I use this nightly (and sometimes in the morning) to hydrate and soothe skin after cleansing. I love this face lotion and highly recommend!

Nourishing Day Cream : Although I've only sampled the Day Cream, it is almost exactly similar to the Night Cream. And in my opinion, you really only need one of these (either day or night) - although this could differ for skin types. I typically do not wear day cream because of the oils left behind under make up. But if you are someone who does not wear foundation, this cream (and their sunscreen) would be a perfect addition for your morning!

Hydrating Body Lotion : (Citrus Mimosa) You'll immediately love the soothing smell from this Citrus Mimosa scented lotion. Not too strong, but enough to leave a calm aroma behind (similar to essential oils), this is a great body lotion for any hydrating needs! 

Body Oil : This citrus rosemary scented oil is another amazing smelling product and all natural! I was skeptical trying an 'oil' in replace of a body lotion, but it is a great alternative for moisturizing your skin. I used this product on my arms, legs and rough spots like the elbow and the oil absorbs super well. And much to my surprise, it does not leave behind a residue! I would highly suggest this to anyone desiring for a lotion alternative.


Beautycounter No. 2 Plumping + Peony

Amazing smelling products that are all naturally scented.

Facial Oil : I tried this oil and the results left my skin immediately feel very soft and smooth. The purpose of this oil is to help with dry skin, loss of elasticity, and fine lines. But with sensitive skin, oils over time do not work very well for me - I prefer masks. But if you are someone who has used oils in the past, I highly recommend this one as it's very soothing!

Facial Mask : This firming and brightening mask smells amazing and goes on extremely lightweight! The coverage is very thin so it's perfect to use a few times a week without drying your skin out. I love masks and this one worked very well for a basic skincare treatment! 

Facial Mist : I'm always a bit skeptical about facial mist and to be honest, I still am unsure their long term affects on skin care. But this mist smells great and works towards helping gives skin a firm, toned look and more youthful appearance. If you're looking for a light weight mist, this is for you!

*These 3 products when used together can help your overall skin with firming, brightening and they smell amazing! The full set is on sale here.


Daily Shampoo : This purifying shampoo helps moisturize hair and breakdown buildups. The shampoo is very simple with a minimal smell, making it feel very natural. I have very thick and wavy hair and loved using this product. I plan on using the shampoo and conditioner as part of my routine as my hair was left feeling smooth and lightweight from the product.

Daily Conditioner : This conditioner is designed to smooth and shine. Very similar to the shampoo, it's light weight and minimal smell. Neither of these products leave too many oils behind so your hair will feel fresh and clean!


Still not convinced? Find a Beautycounter consultant near you to try more of the products before you make a purchase. They will give you helpful advice and all the info you may need!