Responsible beauty brands to know

When The Good Wear was started, I had the mind set to solely focus on featuring clothing brands + values behind the ethical fashion industry. But I've quickly discovered that once you commit to valuing one standard in the responsible consumer industry, you start paying attention to others as well.

The more I began to learn about, not only the fashion impacts, but other social and environmental impacts of every day things, like our beauty products, I knew I wanted to pursue new brands that I could trust. The beauty industry is another creator of mass production with lacking ethical standards. And although I am not as knowledgable about their production process as clothing, I know from research that there is a significant absence of regulation the government provides for what goes into our makeup, skincare, bath & body, and sunscreen products. Added chemicals, animal testing, and more that could affect our own personal health as well as the environment.

But there are brands out there that are paying attention to these details and pursuing better ways to be beauty producers and consumers. Featured below are my current 3 favorite brands and a few others to check out.


The brand, Glossier, is what I like to call the new Queen in beauty. The company started in 2010, from the blog, and has grown to sell some of the most popular makeup and skincare products today. By catching your eye on social media, Glossier has been able to spread their mission, values and amazing products to women like you and me. The brand attempts to build a community of women who want to understand beauty or geek out about the products that are being offered (especially the new sunscreen just released in May). And as amazing as the brand is, they like to say they "are real people over here just trying to rethink the beauty industry and have a good time doing it."

Glossier offers several vegan products including the Milky Jelly CleanserSoothing Face MistPerfecting Skin TintMega Greens Galaxy PackSuper PureSuper BounceSuper Glow, and Lip Gloss. Some of their other products contain non-vegan ingredients like honey. All products are intentionally curated, produced and never tested on animals.

What I love about Glossier
I love Glossier because of the empowerment that the brand provides to their customers. They want to create amazing product, but they also want to empower others to feel beautiful in their self-care whether for the skin or make-up. They use everyday women as models and always tell the story behind the product and purpose it provides for you and me.

What I've use
I started out with the Mega Greens Galaxy Mask about 2 years ago and instantly fell in love with the brand. As one of my first masks, I could tell the difference that it had to create healthier and more breathable skin. Since then, I've used the Moisturizing Moon Mask as well as the Boy Brow (brown) and Generation G lip in Zip (poppy red). The make up Glossier produces is lightweight but makes significant impact to day-to-day wear.
*I highly recommend getting the Boy Brow if you're on the hunt for an updated + simple brow

Shea was founded in 2016 by 3 Brooklyn based makers - Austin, Krystal and Marie. They created the product after discovering Shea Butter and immediately fell in love with how powerful and healing it is to the skin. After testing, adding essential oils to the butter and hand-whipping it, they decided to share the Shea love with the world! The makers at Shea Brand hand-whip each and every batch right in Brooklyn and strongly believe in the synergistic powers of raw Shea butter and essential oils.
Shea is a versatile product used on - but not limited to - chapped lips, healing or sun damaged skin and hair, wrinkles, stretch marks, razor bumps, cuticles, elbows and minor burns. The brand is dedicated to using only the highest quality organic ingredients available.

What I love about Shea Brand
After using the Shea Brand in Lavender, I have seen a significant difference in my skin texture and appearance. I love that Shea is made with so much love and care that you can really tell through the quality of the product. I truly think this will change my whole-body skincare and highly recommend trying it out as a natural alternative to lotions! They say that their Shea is the stuff of miracles to make everything better and softer - and I 100% agree!

**Want to give it a try? Use The Good Wear's coupon code during check out for $10 off any order of $50 + : THEGOODWEARBLOG
(and stay tuned for chapstick coming out in the near future!)

One of the leading transparent beauty companies in the industry, Beauty Counter has blossomed into a lifestyle company for those searching for organic skincare, makeup, and more. The mission of the company is to provide "safer products into the hands of everyone." And they're doing a great job so far with educational efforts using ambassadors across the country, connecting with different communities and even lobbying in Washington D.C. for better reforms within the government regulations of the beauty industry.
One fact that got to me when hearing about Beauty Counter is the fact that the United States has not passed a major federal law to regulate the safety of ingredients used in personal care products since 1938... which is a pretty big deal and why their mission is so important!
Beauty Counter uses all organic, natural, and ethically produced products ranging from sun screen, makeup, bath and body, baby care and more. Their site releases a lot of information of things to pay attention on how to take care of your skin and body like including The Ingredient List for things to know about what goes into your products.

What I love about Beauty Counter
This company is one of the few that deeply values a transformation to what's been done in the past. Similar to the fashion industry, it takes innovative and daring steps to pursue changes with ethical production. I love that Beauty Counter has focused their mission to stand up for these values as well as reliably creating products that work.

What I've used
I only started using Beauty Counter a few weeks ago, but love the light weight make up and skin care. I've used the samples for the Tint Skin Foundation and plan on purchasing this for my make up routine. In the past, I've had trouble using foundation other than powder based because of sensitivity. This foundation has not caused any sensitivity and creates a great-light coverage. The second sample set was for daily cleansers as well as eye cream, day cream and night cream. I've been using these for weeks and it has really helped my daily skin routine. (These also pair well with the Glossier masks that I use bi-weekly)
I would definitely recommend giving Beauty Counter a try - you can find your local consultant through their website for samples or research which product you'd love to try directly, like their Best Sellers.


-Safe, non-toxic, and highly effective
-"Thoughtfully designed packaging and labels that really allow our ingredients to shine through, to intoxicating scents and luxurious textures, we truly want you to love your skincare and bathing routines."
-Try the Bamboo Charcoal Cleansing Bar Shop

-Green packaging, recycled material, biodegradable
-Targeted plant and food-based ingredients for sustainable and ethical skin product
-Try the Brightening Eye Contour

-Vegan & No Animal Testing
-"Create organic and natural formulations that perform as well as conventional beauty products yet never compromise on the luxurious experience"
-Purchasing many ingredients from West Coast certified organic farmers with manufacturing strictly in the U.S.A. often with solar power
-Try the makeup removing Cleansing Milk


Need more inspiration? Check out this interview from Glossier's Into The Gloss with Emma Watson on the makeup, skin care and other beauty products she uses.